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Wireless Networking and Workplace Solutions

WirelessNetworkingCTI provides a full range of mobility and workplace solutions that manage devices, applications and content. From robust campus networking to developer tools and more, we help you empower your employees to choose the right path to achieve their personal best every day.

When people interact with the connected world, they feed incredible synergies among humans, machines, software and our environments. But it’s the quality and efficiency of those interactions that affects your organization’s ability to be transformative and achieve the business outcomes needed to thrive in the idea economy.

Mobility and Workplace Orchestration Must Be Simple, Yet Secure

When it comes to enterprise mobility, it’s always been hard to satisfy everyone. IT professionals want simpler mobility management, easier app development and improved security. Employees and customers expect personal and context-rich user experiences. CTI provides leading expertise from thousands of specialists worldwide to enable mobility orchestration that delivers the automation, integration, analytics, speed and security to keep everyone happy.

Realize the Promises of Mobility and Workplace Solutions Now

Wired and wireless network performances have become almost indistinguishable. Gigabit Wi-Fi based on 802.11AC now meets—and sometimes surpasses—Ethernet speeds. So, you have more freedom than ever to realize the promises of mobility.

CTI simplifies your mobility modernization with an end-to-end portfolio of mobility software, infrastructure and unified communications. We provide products, services and integration specialists—including market-leading offerings from Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company.