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Data Loss Prevention —
Eliminating The Human Error

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Hosted by:

Reza Kazerouni
Sales Director, Consolidated Technologies, Inc.
Zachary Schwartz
VP of Strategic Partnerships, Trustifi

Humans can sometimes be the worst enemy of technology — even the most well-meaning of us, who are simply trying to do our work to the company’s high standards.

That is why, especially given the challenges of COVID-19, it’s never been more important for companies to deploy a centralized cybersecurity strategy that works even if employees are scattered all over your city, country, or the world.

In a recent webinar titled “Data Loss Prevention – Eliminating The Human Error,” Consolidated Technologies Inc. and Trustifi partnered to review the role employees play in creating vulnerabilities for corporate IT infrastructure.

The webinar also covered the importance of a strong cybersecurity strategy to avoid putting employees in the compromising position of having to be the last line of defense against cyber threats.

Presenters Reza Kazerouni of CTI and Zachary Schwartz, VP of Strategic Partnerships for Trustifi, presented details on data loss prevention and conducted a live demo which showed the power of the appropriate cybersecurity platform in vanquishing threats.