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How Sales Teams Can Use Cloud-Centered Tools to Improve Their Success

Best Practices for
Managing a Virtual Team

Cybersecurity 101: How to Build a Fortress Around Your Data

App Security:
The Risks are Real

UCaas and IT: How to Prepare
for the New Normal

How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck with Microsoft Teams

What is a Business Continuity Plan and Why Does Your Company Need One?

How to Look Like a Professional Videographer on Conference Calls

What is an IT Help Desk and 
10 Ways It Can Help Your Organization

Types of Collaboration Technology

The Keys to Unified
Communications Success

What is the Difference Between Managed Services and Outsourcing?

What is a “Dark Web Scan” and Should You Use One?

Managed IT “Must-Haves” to
Drive Your Business’ Success

How to Successfully Move Your Office’s IT Infrastructure

The Benefits of Managed IT
Services for Your Business

Network Security: What it Is and
Why Its More Important Than Ever

10 Common Causes
of Data Loss

Security Threats in Healthcare Systems

Your Network Infrastructure:
Choosing the Best Traffic Protocols for Your Company

Why Your Business Should Be Adopting Cloud-Based IT Services

Data Governance Best Practices

How to Adapt Your Business Operations to the Coronavirus and Future Remote Needs

The Difference Between Managed IT Services and Break/Fix Services

Blacklisting vs. Whitelisting

How to Turn Your Contact Center into a Cash Cow

CapEx vs. OpEx

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Find Your ‘Pot O’Gold”: What a Digital Transformation Can Do for Your Unified Communications Experience

This webinar discusses CTI and 8×8’s joint UCaaS and CCaaS offerings, and how we can help you blend your needs into a unified experience that provides the desired outcome that is required in today’s “operate from anywhere” environment.

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Data Loss Prevention – Eliminating The Human Error

This webinar covers the importance of a strong cybersecurity strategy to avoid putting employees in the compromising position of having to be the last line of defense against cyber threats. This recording also features a live demonstration which illustrates the power of the appropriate cybersecurity platform in vanquishing threats.

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Surviving a Phishing Attack: How to Weed Out Hackers in Real-Time

In this webinar, CTI and SKOUT Cybersecurity are teaming up to show how hackers get into systems, and will demonstrate, in real-time, how easy it is to secure your data and end-users from cyberattacks.

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How to Tame the Wild West Frontiers of Cloud Communications

Are you prepared for a cloud-first future? If done right, you can gain features, savings and flexibility by moving your unified communications to the cloud — a concept known as Unified Communications as a Service, or UCaaS. CTI’s experts recently hosted a webinar that unlocked the secrets of how to incorporate the cloud into your technological footprint.

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Security in the Era of COVID-19

During this 25-minute webinar, we’ll provide an overview of the newest and most dangerous threats, highlight tools and tips to protect your infrastructure and each employee’s individual system, and discuss an immediate solution you can deploy right now to protect all of your sensitive data.


The Bulletproof Network: How to Win with SD-WAN


This webinar, from CTI and Windstream Enterprises, shows you how a software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) can boost your enterprise’s critical data and voice infrastructure to new heights.