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WEBINAR: Surviving a Phishing Attack

How to Weed Out Hackers in Real-Time

Hosted by:
Ben Schoolsky
Chief Customer Officer, Consolidated Technologies, Inc.
Paul Thompson
Senior Solutions Architect,  Consolidated Technologies, Inc.
Kevin Williams
Sales Engineer, SKOUT Cybersecurity
Steven Arcoleo
General Manager, SKOUT Cybersecurity

The cybersecurity threat landscape has changed over the past few years, and the number of attacks targeting small businesses (SMBs) has dramatically increased. Those who have survived cyberattacks can attest to the expense, lost time, and lost productivity hackers have caused to their affected businesses. In this webinar, CTI and SKOUT Cybersecurity are teaming up to show how hackers get into systems, and will demonstrate, in real-time, how easy it is to secure your data and end-users from cyberattacks.

Join Ben Schoolsky, CTI Chief Customer Officer, Paul Thompson, CTI Senior Solutions Architect, Kevin Williams, Sales Engineer at SKOUT Cybersecurity, and Steven Arcoleo, SKOUT’s General Manager, as they lead the interactive demonstration, and show you how you can keep your people – and your business – safe from the hackers who have you in their crosshairs.