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Connect Dispersed Workforces, Partners and Clients with Video Solutions

Today’s mobile workforce relies on video to connect with colleagues and satisfy clients. CTI is here with cost effective video solutions that enhance your internal communications, boost productivity and help you delight customers. Video provides business continuity and the ability to stay connected with your customers, partners and staff within the virtual enterprise – from anywhere at any time.

Meet Business Imperatives Quickly and Effectively

Studies show that visual communications are twice as effective as verbal communications for learning and understanding. What if your team had weekly video conference calls where they could see each other, present updates using multiple-media formats, and work on documents cooperatively, all using video?

With video you can bring new resources on board from branch or global locations easily with live or on-demand training. Delivering corporate communications and synchronizing teams becomes more interactive and compelling for stakeholders, with the opportunity to interact with company leadership live and ask questions via audio or with associated web tools company-wide.