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BYOD Readiness Assessment

Smartphones. Touch screen tablets. Handheld video conferencing tools. Wireless devices are invading every aspect of enterprise operations, causing IT departments to reevaluate their policies and networks. Leverage the checklist below to determine your BYOD readiness.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Readiness Check List:

readinessIT Compliance Policy – Who gets on? To do what? To go where?
Enterprise users have, on average, four wireless devices. The starting point for any enterprise wishing to embrace BYOD starts with defining your IT compliance policy. Which mobile devices and applications will you allow and which will you deny?
readinessFlexible and Secure Network Access – Enforcing “who gets on, to do what, to go where”
Do you have a network access solution that allows you to enforce the IT compliance policy? Can your IT managers quickly and easily add, remove and change devices on the network and limit level of access? Do you want to make it easier to say “Yes” to mobile users while reducing administrative overhead?
readinessNetwork Capacity – Can I handle multiple devices per user & high bandwidth applications?
BYOD devices are mobile by nature and most will leverage the enterprise wireless network when users are on-campus. Is your wireless network up to the challenge? Can it scale to accommodate the explosion in mobile traffic? Can it enforce the network bandwidth allocated to devices and users?
readinessSecurity – How can I protect my enterprise network & devices?
Security consistently ranks as the number one concern for enterprises embracing BYOD. Do you have a solution that protects your network from malware and unauthorized access? Do you have anti-virus, URL filtering, toll fraud, secure remote access and data leakage and intrusion prevention measures in place?
readinessUser Experience – How to deliver a consistent experience for business apps across all devices?
What are the critical business applications your enterprise relies on? Can you deliver these applications across all devices while providing a consistent end user experience?
readinessDevice Inventory/Management – How can I create & maintain an up-to-date device inventory?
On average a new wireless device reaches the market every 45 days. Do you have visibility to these devices and applications running on them? Can you maintain an up-to-date inventory?
readinessQuality of Service Assurance – How can I ensure business critical applications get priority?
Do you have tools to set traffic rules and prioritize network flow to ensure optimal QoS on mobile devices? Do you have the ability to assign devices to specific service classes to assure that high-priority users and applications receive high-quality service?
readinessGuest Management – Can you extend network hospitality to guests and business partners?
Does your solution provide for both active and passive guest management? Can you ensure that guest devices coming onto the network have the freedom to access the resources required while protecting sensitive enterprise data?
readinessEmergency Location Services Support (E-911) – Can I make E-911 calls on my mobile devices?
If an emergency call is made from a mobile device within the enterprise, can the user be accurately located?

CTI/Avaya Mobile Collaboration for Enterprise

The CTI/Avaya Mobile Collaboration for Enterprise offers an end-to-end, validated solution comprising applications, UC and Networking products, and comprehensive services.

With Avaya BYOD does not have to mean Bring Your Own Difficulties

The CTI/Avaya Mobile Collaboration Solution has been built with the future in mind, providing maximum flexibility and access for BYOD users while keeping IT managers firmly in control of who is on the network and how that network is administered. Optimized for real-time applications, the Avaya Mobile Collaboration solution delivers wired performance to wireless devices while providing the advanced management capabilities administrators need to ensure sensitive data is protected.

Performance Validated

Miercom 2011 Test Results: Avaya WLAN 8100 offers industry leading voice and video over Wi-Fi support. 31% more video sessions & 23% more VoWLAN calls than industry average (compared against Cisco, Juniper (Trapeze) and Aruba).

Avaya Identity Engines offers a range of centralized, role-based access options that simplify policy decision-making and streamlines access control, without compromising network security.

The Avaya Session Border Controller Advanced for Enterprise secures VoIP and other UC applications over any network to any device without compromising performance while enforcing enterprise security policies and compliance with industry privacy and security policies.

To learn more about how the CTI/Avaya Mobile Collaboration solution can address your BYOD needs, please call 888-477-4284 and ask to speak to a CTI Account Manager.