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Avaya Breeze™

Does your business need new ways to ENGAGE your People, Data, Customers and Markets?
Avaya Breeze™ gives you the tools you need to…GET IT DONE!

Take the fast lane to great communications applications with Avaya Breeze™ to accelerate your apps strategy with an open, integrated platform. With Avaya Breeze™ you can tap powerful collaboration without learning architectures, standards & protocols and bring new value to your business.


GET IT DONE… What stands in the way of your success today? What things could you do in your business right now that would really make a difference to…?

Delight your customers—and make them more loyal?
Make your employees more effective—and efficient?
Make your business more agile—and more responsive?

If you are like most businesses, your answer to these questions goes something like: “We have the ideas, the systems and the people. What we need is a better way to pull them all together to get things done.” Well, now you have a way to do just that: Avaya Breeze™. Very simply, Avaya Breeze™ gives you the tools you need to engage the right resource in the right place at the right time. It delivers proven Avaya communications capabilities in an easy-to-use development environment—a virtual toolbox of pre-programmed tools and snap-ins—that you can add to just about any business process and “pull things together.”

Everyday Communications

Forget one-size-fits-all broadcast emails. Engage people and customers with communications and collaboration that’s customized, personal and tailored to special organizations, teams, devices, mediums and more.

Keep Everyone in the Loop
Set up need-to-know broadcast lists based on the recipients, the information being distributed (e.g., financial reports, news of big orders, incidents, scheduling) and personal preferences.

Enhance Customer Communications
Simplify and personalize customer communications by adapting the caller ID/ from-address, the outreach medium (voice, email or SMS [text]) and reply-back options.

Incident Notification
Use exception information pulled from enterprise systems to trigger alerts to the right people.

Skills Lookup
Find the right person with the right skill, e.g., enable an IT manager to find the resource with the knowledge and availability to resolve an issue.

Conference Call Activation
Use voice activation from you mobile device to select the right conference call to join from among multiple meetings.

Seamless Transfer
Make it easy for confidential calls that come in on one device (e.g., a public conference room speakerphone) to be automatically transferred to a private device.

Missed Call/Text Alert
Enable employees (sales reps, managers, etc.) to set automatic alerts and actions if a call is missed or a text is not responded to.

Call Reviews
Make it easy for employees to review call logs on a web page and then “click-to- call” from the log.

Executive Callback
Give executives a visual indication if a called party is on the phone. If the called party is away, a callback is initiated when they next use their phone.

Visual Calling (hearing-impaired)
Convert audio of a phone call to text in real time and present on a web interface for visually impaired.

Incident Polling
Create polling messages to identify who is being impacted by an incident (e.g., an IT outage).

Toll Fraud
Block outbound calls based on (but not limited to) time of day, outbound phone number, phone extension called from, etc.

If you would like more information on Avaya Breeze, or would like to schedule a demo, please fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly.