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Unified Communications Through Avaya and CTI

Every additional application your team or your customers need to use to reach the right person at the right time causes delays and harms your profitability. It’s time to take care of business more quickly and more easily.

Working with intelligent communications systems like the Avaya IP Office (for Small to Midsize businesses) or the Avaya Aura® Communication Manager (for Enterprise) allows CTI to boost your business and provide management and communication tools of all kinds on a single network. Empower every single team member you have with a robust set of tools and applications that allow them to reach customers and each other.

Boost customer service by extending conferencing, video, voice, mobility and other applications that work together with your existing applications and services.

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A More Complete Toolkit

Give your team every tool they need to get the job done right. Services included in an Avaya unified communications solution from New York provider CTI:

  • Voice support in multiple deployments
  • Video conference infrastructure
  • Instant messaging
  • Customer service
  • System and software virtualization
  • Mobile and desktop application

Plus, CTI gives you the supporting applications you need, like Avaya Breeze™, to extend these supported features to your team’s preferred devices. Whether you’re working on IoT and BYOD platforms or have a small issued set of devices that only work in your office, our Avaya unified communications solutions can increase your security for any employee, user and device.

Avaya IP Office Support

Avaya unified communications solutions from NYC provider CTI includes support for Avaya IP Office, a revolutionary way for you to improve and simplify the way you do business. Every service mentioned above is supported in a single, flexible solution.

Whether you have five employees or 3,000, have one site or 150 offices, CTI’s New York Avaya unified communications solutions are designed to scale with you affordably, with no loss of service or quality.

Enable your team to conduct business and land new sales anywhere with mobile device support on today’s leading devices and connection opportunities across many different networks.

The Avaya unified communications solution also works to cut your costs. IP Office will allow you to expand with plug-and-play support for leading networking and management tools, enable click-to-call capabilities and more. Top supported platforms include Microsoft’s Office 365, Salesforce and Google for Work.

Business Solution Integration on a Large Scale

Avaya’s unified communications solutions allow your business to enhance the performance of your team and your existing platforms. Combining CTI and Avaya will give you improved system uptime, more reliable connectivity and application development plus innovative ways to safeguard existing and future investments.

It’s time to future-proof your operations today with a New York-based Avaya unified communications solution from CTI.

Together, we’ll improve operations and allow you to focus on revenue here in the Tri-State area or globally, wherever your customers go. Avaya-based solutions are ready to increase your communications and collaboration, and CTI is here to make it easier with all your existing infrastructure, devices and our application support.

Contact CTI today to find the best solution for your business and start on your path to growth.

Build communications-enabled apps and workflows faster with the Avaya Breeze™ Platform

Stepping up to the digital transformation mandate, developers need a better way to connect people throughout the business. Slash the hours and effort it takes to communications-enable your applications and workflows. Build apps from reusable parts, integrate your apps with other apps, even start from scratch. Use the visual workflow-building tool to automate manual processes. Incorporate any communications method. Design your best omnichannel customer experience. Be a problem solver. Efficiencies and savings will pile up. Learn more here.

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“Thanks to your ‘Team Effort’ we are going to be able to use the system to its utmost, improve service to our clients and the best part…at virtually no cost…you guys are the BEST!”
– The Omnicom Group