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Enterprise Networking: Business IT Solutions in NYC and Beyond

Your network and the apps it supports form the backbone of your operations. Without a soundly-designed, expertly installed and constantly monitored network, anything you build on top of it, including your data center and wireless network, is destined to crumble; taking your productivity and even business reputation with it. From the access layer to the edge and back to the core, CTI understands how to design, install and manage business IT solutions that support IP telephony, BYOD, capacity for multiple concurrent WAPs and everything else you need in today’s mobile, interconnected and rapidly changing business environment. From the cabling, to the switches to unified communications software, to physical phones, the components we carefully select work together seamlessly to provide a reliable, enjoyable, rewarding enterprise-networking solution.

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Smart Data Center, Wireless and Enterprise Networking Solutions in NY

Whether you are a small business, a medium-sized company, or a large international corporation, CTI has the right communications solution for you. Like every business, you’re looking for ways to reduce costs, improve your internal operations, and maximize efficiency. But you also want to retain all your customers, add new ones and continue to grow at a pace that’s right for you. Whatever your industry, CTI has an innovative solution that will help you outwit, outlast and outperform your competition. Explore our solutions by industry below and discover a technology partner committed to your satisfaction.











Wireless Networking

holding phone on wireless network

CTI’s enterprise business IT solutions for the NYC and Tri-State area include broad wireless networking support, allowing your team to operate as they need while maintaining your security. We’ll assist you with delivering true high-performance Wi-Fi using the right infrastructure and applications so your network is reliable for every application.

Data Center

CTI Data Center

Public, private and hybrid cloud deployments all need a data center that’s reliable and secure, ensuring uptime so your customers are never out of reach. The business IT support offered by NYC-based CTI includes data center consulting and selection help as well as hardware, application and security tools you need. CTI is your one-stop partner to making the best choices for growth and scalability.

IP Telephony

The future of enterprise IP telephony is here, and your business cannot afford to be left behind. CTI’s business IT support solutions enable you to take advantage of the latest customer services advances in unified communications for multi-application channels, cost savings of SIP trunking, video and mobility services. Help your customers reach you on their preferred channel wherever your team operates by adopting CTI’s next-gen business IT solutions.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Different types of devices in suitcaseWhether you want to ditch the desktop phones entirely or boost your team’s capabilities when out in the field, bring-your-own-device paradigms are easy to support with the right partner. Modern enterprises are looking for a variety of ways to support new mobile devices and empower their road warriors. CTI will help you put BYOD best practices into place and remain secure even as you add and grow your mobile workforce.

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Business IT Support for NYC’s Top Industries

Whatever your industry, CTI has an innovative solution that will help you outwit, outlast and outperform your competition. Explore our solutions by industry below and discover a technology partner committed to your satisfaction.

Enterprise Networking

“We take pride in finding innovative ways to solve problems. Think of it as applied physics for telecommunications technology. We view each client challenge as a puzzle; when complete, we’ve put a supportive technology solution in place that delights the customer. For one of our education clients, that was a paging solution that ran over IP and then converted into an ATA that could be presented to the amplifier remotely. It was an out of the box solution that we dreamed up to delight our client and it worked.”

Joseph Ben-David, CTI Senior Sales Engineer