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Cloud Computing Solutions in New York

All Your Business Communications Needs Anytime, Anywhere – from a Single Solution

From business continuity on a rainy day to operational productivity on all the sunny ones, CTI keeps you up and running more efficiently, securely and cost-effectively with intuitive cloud solutions customized for your unique business needs.

Cloud Communications Solution Benefits

With Cloud Communications from CTI,
you can get rid of all the bulky hardware, the maintenance contracts, the software upgrades, the long-distance charges, the service outages, and even the “phone company.” All your business communications are handled in the cloud. It’s like having a fortress of supercomputers running next-generation software, managed by experts, with failsafe protection. So in the event of a disaster, you
can immediately redirect all your calls to a cellphone or another office. (Click on the video to learn 5 Benefits of Moving  Your Unified Communications to the Cloud.)

CTI offers cloud-computing solutions for businesses in New York and the Tri-State area in multiple configurations, so you can use what best fits your needs. Our core offerings include private, public and hybrid cloud computing solutions, empowering you to take as much control as your business demands.

Review Your Cloud Solution Options:

Click on the logos below to review each solution.​

Public cloud computing gives businesses all the known benefits of cloud technology, but there’s no need for you to manage the hosting solution. We’ll help you find space in a data center that’s right for you and deploy your services quickly, with minimal lead time. Public cloud computing is best for small and growing NYC businesses.

Private cloud computing puts everything behind your firewall. Private cloud computing, also called enterprise cloud, is a choice for many top NYC firms because it gives them greater control and security measures, though you’re the owner and will need to maintain all the equipment and software.

Adopting hybrid cloud computing in NYC and the Tri-State area will give your business the significant protection of the private cloud, with similar ownership needs of a public cloud. This all-in-one solution from CTI means your company will maintain a small private cloud deployment but can rely on public cloud services to meet peak traffic demands or to make use of applications that are hosted on public networks. Hybrid cloud computing is one of the fastest growing options for New York start-ups.

With a Cloud Communications solution, you have the convenience of working with one company while enjoying the flexibility and benefits of many. The Cloud Communications service provides secure reliable voice and Internet service, 24/7/365 monitoring, unlimited local and long distance calling, one bill from one company, and enough feature options to satisfy even the most demanding business needs. Plus, it’s flexible enough to change whenever you are, making it the right choice for today’s fast-moving companies.

  • Eliminate on premise Voice Server Management and maintenance costs.
  • Keep up with the latest technology without having to purchase major hardware upgrades.
  • Enjoy savings from eliminated local lines and gateways, separate LD lines and external WAN infrastructures by “cutting the cords” to other carriers.
  • Combine all circuits into one reliable, secure, and cost effective solution with dynamic and intelligent bandwidth allocation.
  • Provide significant redundancy and survivability advantages over a single point of failure solution.
  • Tie all company call reporting and management together with an operating system that serves the entire company.
NYC Cloud Communications

Your Cloud Communications Solution Includes:

  • Full duplex SIP enabled speakerphone
  • Reception console – your choice of traditional or soft console
  • Auto attendant and sophisticated Voice Mail
  • Caller ID
  • Applications (Click to dial from Outlook, Find me/follow me features, Unified Communications—play your voice mails through Outlook)
  • Unlimited local and domestic long distance calling
  • Direct inward dial numbers
  • Robust Internet service
  • Installation and comprehensive training of Administrator and end-users
  • Dedicated Project Manager assigned to your account assures smooth installation and training
  • Easy self-service moves, adds and changes via web portal
  • One phone number to call for 24 x 7 x 365 assistance and support