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Proactive Monitoring & Management Service

Proactive Monitoring, Notifications & Reporting Automatically keeping your critical assets up and running

At CTI, our client’s priorities are our priorities. CTiQ Proactive Monitoring solutions bring our clients’ networks to life for them. The results are a 24/7/365 monitoring solution customized to each client’s needs and support requirements.

CTI Proactive Monitoring is a standalone Unified Communication Monitoring solution that takes the guess work out of Root Cause Analysis. Whether it’s a call-server such as Avaya IP Office or Avaya Aura Communication Manager, or multi-vendor Unified Communications environments that utilize Presence Servers or Firewalls, Ethernet Routing Switches or Windows Servers, CTI Proactive Monitoring dramatically reduces the time necessary to manage today’s Unified Communications architectures.

Levels of CTiQ Proactive Monitoring software

Clients can choose from 3 Levels of CTiQ Proactive Monitoring software, and cover the components they want

  1. CTiQ Proactive for IP Office and Communication Manager
    Essential Monitoring for IP PBX systems.
  2. CTiQ Proactive for Unified Communications
    Enterprise Level Monitoring for the converged single or multi-vendor Unified Communications networks (covers Avaya, Microsoft, Cisco UC stacks, as well as any SNMP Manageable device). Includes the features and vendor coverage of Proactive Complete with higher level forensics in VoIP Quality Management as well as offering higher level functions as free entitlements.
  3. CTiQ Proactive Advanced Diagnostic Service
    A deep packet inspection capability with an Integrated Correlation Engine, dramatically reducing the time necessary to diagnose complex Unified Communications networks. When Call Servers are supported by PRI Circuits, SIP Trunks, SBCs integrating with Corporate Networks, automating the correlation between failure points finds the “Needle in the Haystack”.

Linked To Support & Dispatch
No matter what level of software clients choose, CTiQ Proactive Monitoring is directly linked to the CTI Technical Services Organization, allowing them to be aware of issues, start investigations, and fix problems all without requiring the client to call in. This is CTiQ Proactive Monitoring and Management.

Proactive Monitoring and Management Service Capabilities

Our vendor knowledge modules can interpret alarms and perform interaction with PBXs, switches, routers, servers and applications to provide IT teams with critical level indicators as a snapshot of business critical functions. Our analytical capability includes:

  • Historical/Trending parameters for alerting
  • Granularly customizable
  • Real-Time VoIP quality monitoring
  • Trace route and network map

Our Managed Voice Server solution combines 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring with real time problem response and rapid resolution. When a service event occurs, your system is programmed to outcall our Monitoring Servers, which then capture and acknowledge alarms and automatically dial back into the system.

The CTI Monitoring Servers then perform pre-defined tests on the component that triggered the alarm. If the errors and alarms are not cleared remotely, a technician is assigned to resolve the problem immediately. Often, we are able to resolve the issue before you are aware of it and before it interrupts your workflow. After the fact, CTI provides customers with reports by system, report group, port utilization on all alarms.