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Network Assessment

CTI’s Network Assessment practice uses a comprehensive process that leverages several industry accepted methods of extracting network setup and configuration. The result is a extensive set of reports identifying critical performance and compliance indicators so that you know when your network is in or out of compliance.

In addition, CTiQ Proactive Network Assessment can run continually, providing a proactive process of reporting on the health and well being of the network components and their configurations.

Every business runs unique network environments using industry standard components to operate them. CTiQ Proactive Network Assessment solutions offer targeted levels of support based on network complexity and client requirements:

  • Basic
  • Premium Add On Package
  • Security Assessment
  • Exchange Assessment
  • SQL Assessment
  • HIPAA Compliancy Assessment

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Network Security:
What it is and Why it’s More Important Than Ever

The guide will show you: The importance of Network Security; Types of Network Security Attacks; How to Secure & Protect Your Network; and Why every business needs a Network & Security Assessment.

CTiQ Proactive Network Assessments

Know what you need to know, when you need to know it.

  1. Basic

    Full Network Assessment reporting, Detailed Changed Reporting, Excel Analysis Report

  2. Premium Add On Package

    Adds External Vulnerability Scan, provides Visio Network Diagram, Asset Detail, Risk Summary Report, Export to Auto Task, or ConnectWise

  3. Security Assessment

    Security Risk Summary, Share Permissions Report, Share Permissions Report by User, Vulnerability Scan Detail Report

  4. Exchange Assessment

    Risk Report, Traffic and Use Report, Exchange Distribution List Report, and more.

  5. SQL Assessment

    Database Health Report, SQL Server Detail Report, Database Detail Report, Maintenance Plan Report, SQL Server Agent Jobs Report

  6. HIPPA Compliancy Module

    Automated Network Data Collection, Fully Automated Creation of Key HIPAA Documents, Produces Evidence of HIPAA Compliance

Questions? Please contact Harry Abt, CTI’s Director of Managed & Integrated Services, at 914-935-6051 or via e-mail:

Don’t Let Network Policy breaches cost your firm.


Be in the know about your network’s policy conformance.

Network and Security audits are difficult to accomplish, yet extremely valuable to have. That’s why we offer our customers the CTiQ Proactive audit and assessment services.

Learn More about Network Assessments & Security Audits

Don’t leave the security or productivity of your business’ network up to chance. Periodical network security audits are critical to finding and diagnosing internal and external security threats and helping you make the most of your system.

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