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CTI Remote Advantage

CTI Remote Advantage is our basic level of remote support services to keep your core hardware and software up and running.


Services include:

services-support-24-724×7 remote technical support.
Available for your Avaya communications hardware and software, remote technical support helps control the cost of out-of-hours service and provides committed response objectives as fast as one hour.
 services-support-updatesMinor updates and notifications.
Major software upgrades are available to both Remote Advantage and Total Advantage customers for an incremental fee through the Upgrade Advantage service package.
services-support-webEnhanced Web services.
Remote Advantage provides access to a comprehensive collection of online tools and Avaya-based information sources to help you resolve issues quickly, access knowledge and improve your system performance:

  • E-notifications to keep you informed
  • InSite knowledge base for access to in-depth product information
  • Support Forums, to expand your knowledge, resources and network
  • Avaya Software Compatibility Audit (ASCA) to quickly compare your software and firmware to the most recent updates

Several support options.
CTI will leverage the Avaya Support Advantage Co-delivery offer within their support offering to provide the necessary manufacturer support from Avaya.

To learn more about how a CTI Advantage support plan can benefit your organization, contact your CTI Account Manager or call 1-888-477-4284 today!