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Making global communications simpler,
better and more effective for every user,
every organization, anywhere.

When you need to leverage Managed Services outside of the U.S., CTI has you covered. CTI has a ten-year history as part of Aura, a partnership that enables CTI to seamlessly provide global support for your communications needs – across a wide range of vendors and technologies – wherever your company has offices.

Aura recently celebrated over a decade of working with the world’s best vendors and technology providers to help companies with a global footprint achieve a perfect integrated environment. Aura helps enable productivity and empower teams with powerful tools that are simple to manage. Aura brings together technologies, systems, and providers across multiple regions into one consolidated service.

That means you’ll can work though a single point of contact for a streamlined and consistent global experience removing the challenges of multiple providers, and disparate service. language barriers, taxes, and customs charges.

The Power of Partnerships

We bring together the very best service and technology providers from across the globe. Together we have over 5,000 expert consultants, project managers and engineers in more than 120 countries.

They have the highest levels of accreditation with multiple vendors. A wealth of experience across the board. And they deliver only the highest standards of customer service and support. Put simply, wherever you are, you’re always in good hands.


Microsoft, Cisco, Genesys, Avaya and so many more. Our partners have the expertise and experience you need – and they have it in abundance.


Whether you’re based in one, ten or one hundred countries, we have technical support across the globe. Get the right service tailored for each business location delivered by the best service providers in that country.


We’ve spent years finding the best partners in every country – so you don’t have to. This enables us to provide prompt support led by local project managers with no language barriers.


Our network is always there to meet the needs of your business. As you expand we have the resources available to extend your communications network with ease.


With more global buying power, we can reduce costs and pass the savings on to you. Having one contract also negates the need for margin stacking.


Expect all of this with the same exceptional customer service. Your SLAs, pricing and support are all through one single provider – Aura.

Industries where our expertise shines

Health & Pharma
We support some of the largest health & pharmaceuticals companies in the world, helping them to capitalize on digital opportunities without compromising confidentiality, integrity, or accessibility.

Our global manufacturer customers trust us to prevent unexpected downtime in their factories and offices with our bespoke local support, anywhere in the world.

We help FTSE financial organizations stay at the forefront of their industry with the most ground-breaking yet robust solutions, continually taking digital to the next level.

CX, automation, and BI can give you the edge in an increasingly competitive market. Our experts can guide you on how to optimize your existing tools and win more market share.

Where can you find us?

Transform the way you connect your world

We have a global footprint with direct presence in over 120 countries. But what makes us truly different is the way we work. Through a network of 60+ certified partners we can deliver you services locally, virtually anywhere.

Free up your team
We simplify management and analysis of your systems, whether you have legacy or multiple complex solutions.

Insight at your fingertips
Save money by identifying redundant or under-utilised technologies that you’re still paying for.

Peace of mind
Get an overall view of your estate, applications and technology, all through a single point of contact.

Experience a new way of managing your applications and technology and start creating your organization of the future by contacting us now at 888-477-4284, or filling out the form below.

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