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Aura Alliance

Global Multi Vendor Service Provider,
delivering with local resources

The Aura Alliance is the world’s BIGGEST alliance of Avaya Partners,
BETTER equipped to plan, deploy and manage your global Avaya project.

Aura Alliance is a global leader in the development and deployment of enterprise communications. We offer a wide spectrum of corporate communications solutions and services powered by a worldwide network of industry-leading business partners. Our alliance of unified communications specialists offer support for a vast array of leading vendors. Together, we deliver a complete portfolio of world-class products and services to help businesses collaborate and communicate more effectively and efficiently within the workplace.

We have a world-wide network of business partners providing access to 5,000 certified technical consultants in more than 120 countries with the highest levels of accreditation in a broad technologies – from Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft, to vendors like Nectar, Ribbon, Extreme, Mitel, Genesys and much more. All our partners work together as one, with the same strict SLAs, rules and ethics. So, global organizations can enjoy one single point of contact and one single service.

From unified communications & collaboration to security, networking, connectivity and cloud-based solutions, the Aura Alliance takes ownership of entire global solutions. We help minimise business risk, simplify administration and deliver world-class results.

About Aura Alliance


Strength in Numbers

The Aura Alliance brings together over 60 Avaya Connect accredited business partners and over 5,000 certified technical consultants from around the globe to deliver seamless communications solutions for multinational organizations. With one consistent, centrally managed service and specialist local support in more than 120 countries, our scale, capabilities and knowledge make us the provider of choice for global enterprises planning worldwide deployment of Avaya systems.


Beyond Boundaries

Every member of the Aura Alliance complies with a set of stringent selection requirements and each holds Avaya Certifications for sales, network design and engineering staff, product authorizations, and service quality. Our partners are chosen for their dynamic approach to business, their commitment to customer service and their commercial integrity. So, wherever you’re based, you can depend on the same high standards, as well as consistent service levels, pricing and support.

With more than 90+% global coverage, our alliance is not only bigger than any other, it ís also better equipped to plan, manage, deploy and support the most complex international communication projects in the most cost efficient ways.


Powered by Avaya

The Aura Alliance is endorsed and backed by Avaya, the world leader in business communication systems. Avaya works closely with us to continually develop processes, services and technical excellence. This support, combined with our members’ depth of experience and expertise means that no other alliance is better placed to design, implement and maintain global communications infrastructures. From unified IP communications, presence management and contact center systems, to converged conferencing facilities and remote working solutions, the Aura Alliance minimizes business risk, simplifies administration and delivers world-class results.


Designed around you

It’s not just the size of our alliance or the pedigree of our members that matters. It’s also the way we’re structured and our service flexibility that makes us stand out. Most initiatives are led and supported by the alliance member local to your project management team. They deal with customer inquiries and resolve system incidents – either remotely or by providing an onsite engineer.

We standardize the things that need to be consistent across continents and countries – like pricing, service level packages and having a single point of contact. But you choose the best options for your business when it comes to managing billing centrally or locally, selecting the right service packages for different operating locations, and tailoring your contract arrangements and relationships with local service providers.


Joined up thinking

All around the world, Aura Alliance partners share common business principles and adhere to contractual commitments that ensure a consistently high level of customer service and professional standards.

We also share knowledge and best working practices and are committed to continually developing products that enhance the services we offer customers. Our range of Smartphone applications, for example, are designed to simplify remote telecoms management, and the ground- breaking features of our Converged Management Platform, developed by Nectar, enable consistent service levels and a single point of contact for global customers

Technology you can rely on anywhere, anytime

We use the very latest technology to simplify processes and procedures so our clients spend less money and resource on administration and more time focusing on their core business. Our Converged Management Platform (CMP) provides access to a remote, centralized system monitoring service that helps streamline the management of your entire global infrastructure.

CMP gives you a single, clear view of all your voice and data networks allowing you to correlate network issues with real business processes and resolve any issues quickly and smoothly. Developed by Nectar Corp, CMP provides business process impact views and real-time dashboards with multi- point monitoring and advanced current and historical reporting.

Transform the way you connect your world

Discover how we can help your business streamline the management of global communications by contacting us now at 888-477-4284.

  • Specialized in UC&C — With a strong cloud & network offering
  • Multi Vendor Ecosystem — We offer a wide spectrum of technologies, solutions and services
  • Global Service Provider — With an alliance of business partners working as one
  •  90+% global coverage.
  • Work with Avaya involvement to Avaya standards.
  • Contractual commitment between members.
  • Consistent service levels and pricing around the world.
  • Depth of experience and proven track record.
  • Committed to continuous product development and service improvement.
  • Shared culture, shared knowledge, shared principles.
  • Streamlined project management at central and local levels.
  • Greater efficiency, lower costs and less risk.

The Proof in the Numbers


One Price List.
One Service level agreement.
One quality standard.
One consistent service.
One point of contact
All from the Number One Global Avaya partnership.

That’s the number of countries covered by the Aura Alliance.

The Aura Alliance has a presence in 120 countries worldwide. That’s more than any other Avaya partnership.

With this reach and coverage we can meet the geographical requirements of your organization with the right people in the right places at the right time. As your business expands, you can rest assured that we have the people on the ground to help you extend your communications network.


That’s the combined value of Avaya product purchased by Aura Alliance members per annum. With this volume of business, the Alliance can ensure you get the best delivery times and prices that benefit from economies of scale.

That’s the number of Avaya certified specialists in the Aura Alliance.

The Aura Alliance is the biggest team of Avaya accredited specialists in the world. This ensures that your global deployment project will receive the skills and personal attention it needs to succeed.

It also means that your system will benefit from the people who are trained in the latest technology and qualified to the highest standards.

That’s the number of top Avaya partners in the Aura Alliance.

The Aura Alliance leverages the combined power of world-leading Avaya communication systems and over 60 accredited global business partners to help multinational clients reduce telecommunications costs, cut business risk and achieve more. No other global alliance has the experience, expertise or credentials to deliver on such a scale.


That’s the 360° support delivered by the Aura Alliance. Equipped with the ground-breaking capabilities of CMP monitoring, our local and central service support teams are available to deal with system incidents, programming changes and technical queries. They’re able provide you with informed advice and assistance whenever it’s needed.