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Our approach to service and support is simple and can be summed up in one word – proactive.

We often discover issues and resolve them before they become problems, so that the first time you learn about an occurrence is when it’s no longer a threat to your operations. We empower your employees to delight your customers and clients with communications technology and solutions that make doing business more enjoyable and profitable.

CTI employees are knowledgeable problem solvers who actually love fixing the technology problems causing you pain. We resolve your problems fast and test our solutions first to make sure they work right from the start.

CTI Plans

CTI Advantage plans provide an innovative and flexible model for software and hardware support that delivers 24×7 support services to businesses with Avaya communications environments. With CTI Advantage, you get industry-recognized services in the fastest response times we’ve ever offered.
And there’s a CTI Advantage plan that’s right for you, whether you take a hands-on approach to managing your environment, or choose to rely on us.

The Benefits of CTI Advantage

  1. Greater flexibility.
    You choose support level, delivery options, and optional services. You can manage your own support or receive support services from us.
  2. Simplicity.
    All CTI Advantage offerings provide full hardware and software support. Problems can be isolated more quickly. You have the guarantee that CTI’s professional support services are there and ready to address any issues with your systems.
  3. Immediacy.
    CTI Advantage provides the service you need, fast. Total Advantage customers also receive immediate notification of alarms, and CTI will begin working the issues within 90 seconds.

“CTI was like the friend that held my hand through the process. They made the transition painless and easy. We didn’t know how bad our former service was until we began using CTI. And CTI’s customer service is second to none.”