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In light of the current situation and increased awareness of maintaining a safe and healthy environment for users of our products, Avaya is providing the following recommendations for cleaning of your Avaya Deskphones and Avaya Conference Phones.

First, it is important to remember that these are electronic devices and as such are sensitive to liquid entering the units. To reduce the risk to the unit, it can be powered down for cleaning. However, if care is taken to not allow liquids to enter the device then it should not be necessary to power off the device prior to cleaning.

The best methods to avoid liquid entering the unit are:

1. Not directly spraying any cleaner on the device, and
2. Using a damp, not wet, cloth or wipe when wiping down the device.

The Avaya team recommends Hydrogen Peroxide cleaning solutions (0.5% or greater H202) as antimicrobial cleaners. These are safest for the device while still being effective.

The World Health Organization and other organizations also indicate that high percentage (60% or greater) alcohol solutions are effective cleaning agents.

The higher the percentage of alcohol the lower the water content and the lower the risk to the electronics and the greater the efficacy against biological contamination.

NOTE! While alcohol solutions will not harm the units from a functional perspective, prolonged and repeated use may cause discoloration or damage to cosmetics, such as surface printing, particularly on keys and plastics.

Regardless of which solution is used, it should not be sprayed directly on the device, but rather be used to dampen a cloth or wipe which is then used to clean the unit. All human interface surfaces (handset, touch screens, keypads etc) can be safely cleaned in this manner. Most devices with touch screens have an app or setting for cleaning that disables touch inputs for a short period of time to allow wiping of the screen without inadvertent inputs. Please use these guidelines for maintaining continued safe and healthy use of Avaya products.

For additional information on anti-microbial cleaners and COVID-19 please refer to the EPA website:

If you would like to speak to one of our Communications Experts about other steps you can take during this pandemic to secure your company and your network, please call us at 888-477-4284 or fill out our Contact Us form.