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Private Cloud Could be a Perfect Fit for Your Unique Organization

By now you’ve heard the exciting news about Avaya’s strategic partnership with RingCentral, bringing with it a whole new world of UCaaS possibilities. The partnership enables Avaya to provide our clients and partners the same award-winning level of service and innovation you’ve come to expect along with the industry’s leading UCaaS platform. This is tremendous news for customers looking for public cloud UC solutions.

As important as this partnership is, it’s not the only innovative thinking that Avaya is bringing to the Cloud. Some organizations might see the difficulty in a one-size-fits-all approach when trying to match solutions with your business’s needs or workflow. And that’s where a “this-size-fits-us” cloud approach works best. With this in mind, we’ve introduced the next release of Avaya ReadyNow, our hallmark private cloud offer.

Private vs Public Cloud

The obvious question is: why do customers go Private vs Public? Based on what customers tell me, let me suggest 5 considerations:

  • Customer Fit: The experience you have with your technology, the experience you deliver to your customers will always be unique to your business. Avaya ReadyNow allows our customers additional control over their environments – from additional personalization to adapting operational windows for your specific needs. Customers are able to decide who will have access, and how, to the rich features the solution provides. Each customer has the autonomy to do moves, changes, additions, deletions, and choose the best operational windows to update their solution. The Avaya ReadyNow deployment shines for customers seeking to support thousands of users, accommodating the communications needs of the largest enterprises.
  • Proven Innovation: Avaya offers cloud transformation capabilities with AI and API development, ensuring the most innovative communications possible. Customers have access to integrations with current Avaya 3rd party applications and other cloud and on-premise solutions. New features and capabilities are delivered with ease and agility, keeping Avaya ReadyNow always up-to-date, always state of the art.
  • Regulatory Compliance: With Avaya ReadyNow, customer’s maintain direct and precise control over customer data and SLAs.
  • Security: Enterprise customers can create the security and control regimes that fit their specific requirements. With out-of-the-box standards, you can expand your needs with “built in” accreditations such as HIPAA and PCI (coming soon?) that maybe mandatory for your business.
  • Hybrid Cloud Migrations: Many customers want a hybrid approach for real-time cloud communications and collaboration. Avaya ReadyNow gives them unprecedented flexibility to do exactly that, in a way that’s just right for an individual enterprise.

Avaya ReadyNow provides each customer with a dedicated software instance running on an Avaya managed virtual cloud infrastructure in globally deployed data centers. This means you receive a cloud dedicated to you, with the security and reliability you expect. Our reference architectures are tested and proven, but we know you’ll want to see that for yourself, so we offer Proof of Concept opportunities personalized to your individual needs.

And we wrap all these abilities designed to provide the experience that matter to your business and your customers in a set of services which can be tailored for your organization. Our menu of migration, training and adoption services will let you select exactly what you and your business need to ensure your move to Avaya ReadyNow will fit your organization like a glove.

Start Your Cloud Migration

Whether you’re a long time Avaya enterprise or a new customer, Avaya ReadyNow can smooth your migration to the benefits of the cloud. Our rate-card based pricing makes it easy for you to understand the financial benefits of our solution and you can always mix and match user types to get exactly the right fit for each person in your organization. And if you already have an Avaya solution, we’ll make sure you get credit for existing investments and retain existing desktop devices where appropriate.

If you’ve been thinking about a migration to the Cloud and Private Cloud feels like the best fit, let me encourage you to talk to your CTI representative about Avaya ReadyNow – it may be exactly the opportunity your organization has been waiting for!