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Cloud Solutions in Pittsburgh

Leading Cloud Communications Provider for Businesses in Pittsburgh, PA

If your Western PA business has to manage communications and data storage and you’re looking to improve your productivity and security, it might be time to consider cloud solutions. Cloud computing is a growing industry, with companies across the marketplace switching to these kinds of centers for the many advantages they offer.

At Consolidated Technologies, Inc., we focus on getting companies the most advanced solutions available once we help determine whether they’re needed and which options are best. We don’t expect every solution to suit every company, which is why we’ll work with you to create a custom solution for your Western PA business. But what are cloud communications solutions, and should you make the change?

Why Do I Need Cloud Services?

If you’re wondering whether cloud solutions are right for your Pittsburgh-based business, you should consider some of the benefits you gain with this approach. Small and medium businesses often have fewer resources and a smaller staff than other companies, but having a hosted voice solution means a service provider handles updates, maintenance, equipment costs and more.

When you partner with Consolidated Technologies, Inc., you’ll find out that we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to data storage and cloud solutions. We customize solutions to your business so that you can succeed in any undertaking. The advantages you’ll gain access to by choosing us as your cloud computing provider in Pittsburgh include:

yellow-checkmarkFlexibility. Cloud solutions are scalable, which means as a small- or medium-sized business, you won’t have to worry about upgrading equipment as the company expands. You can simply adjust your plan to keep functionality as high as it needs to be. You’ll have the opportunity to choose public, private or hybrid Software as a Service (SaaS), as well as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). The choice gives you control of your privacy and security measures and allows you to decide what would work best for your unique business.
yellow-checkmarkEnhanced Security. It’s not always easy to keep all your sensitive data protected, especially with a small IT team. Cloud voice platforms allow you to reduce your IT department’s workload and give them the chance to focus on the tasks they need to do most.
yellow-checkmarkDecreased Downtime.Inevitably, you’ll experience unexpected circumstances like broken equipment, power outages and other situations that cause downtime. Since offsite facilities and cloud solutions can support your company during these kinds of situations, you’ll save money with reduced downtime.
yellow-checkmarkReduced Costs. Cloud solutions in Pittsburgh allow you to cut costs associated with investing in equipment. You’ll save on maintenance, support, storage and power.
yellow-checkmarkIncreased ROI.With all the costs savings you’ll get with cloud solutions, you’ll see an overall boosted return from cloud communications solutions in Pittsburgh. First contact resolution (FCR) rates are improved, enhancing your brand’s value, and customer abandonment is often decreased, which increases revenue. Pair these benefits with the savings, and you’ll see your bottom line improve significantly.

Custom Cloud Solutions in Pittsburgh

CTI customizes solutions for every business. Our cloud solutions are comprehensive, with various types of cloud offerings.

  • Public: This is the most common deployment of cloud computing. With this solution, CTI takes care of the heavy-equipment like servers and storage centers, and delivers your solutions over the internet. This lightweight solution is perfect for SMBs and companies that need a low cost solution with large scalability potential.
  • Private: Private cloud computing is a more common solution for enterprises, and is often called “enterprise cloud” because it gives larger businesses greater control and security measures. With this solution, the servers and other equipment is stored on the business’s premise and maintained by the enterprise.
  • Hybrid: This solution offers the best of both worlds – which is why it’s cost-effective and gaining more and more popularity for Pittsburgh-based startups and SMBs. This all-in-one solution means that you’ll have a small amount of equipment to maintain but can rely on public cloud solutions to meet peak traffic demands. Lower equipment maintenance equals greater savings, but you won’t lose business because of it. With a hybrid option, you can connect a cloud-based platform/PBX to a customer’s current premise-based system, which provides the versatility many companies need.

What Functionality Comes with Cloud Service Solutions

When you choose Consolidated Technologies, Inc. as your Pittsburgh cloud computing provider, you’ll gain access to countless features, including:

  • Caller ID
  • Choice of traditional or soft reception console
  • Direct inward dial numbers
  • Simple self-service that moves, adds and changes via the web portal
  • A single phone number you can call for support and assistance at any time
  • So much more

Partner With Consolidated Technologies, Inc.

If you decide cloud communications solutions may be best for your Pittsburgh location, reach out to Consolidated Technologies, Inc. for the right provider. We’re 110 percent committed to job completion, and we’re experienced and prepared to bring you the most cutting-edge solutions when it comes to managing your systems. Customer success and satisfaction are top priorities for us. If you have questions or want to get started, contact us right away!

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