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Opus 3 Artists Finds Security in the Redundancy of Cloud Communications

Opus 3 Artists is a leading company managing the careers and touring activities of many of the world’s most distinguished performing artists and ensembles. With such an impressive roster of talent, the 50+ employees at the company spend a lot of their time on the phone taking care of clients’ affairs. It was therefore crucial their communications solution have a redundancy plan in place in case of a power failure or disaster, a feature that had been promised to them by a former provider. However, when an actual disaster brought down Opus 3 Artist’s communication systems for several days, the company quickly discovered just how fragile their failover system was. And that’s when the Chief Financial Officer of Opus 3 Artists turned to Consolidated Technologies, Inc. (CTI) for help.

When the CFO of Opus 3 Artists was initially looking to replace their communications solution, he wanted to find a company that would proactively handle all their voice and data needs. The CFO wanted a one-stop resource that could provide him with all the features and functionality his staff needed, without the hassle of maintaining or updating a traditional in-house PBX system. So after doing extensive research, he decided that VoIP was the most flexible and affordable choice for their busy company. But after being disappointed by their first VoIP service provider, which failed on four different occasions to deliver an effective redundancy plan, the CFO got in touch with CTI to help fix the issue.

Over the course of one weekend, CTI tested their failover plan for Opus 3 with great success and won the trust and confidence of the CFO. The rest of the implementation went just as smoothly. CTI and Opus 3’s external IT consulting firm worked closely together on this implementation and ongoing service. This ultimately led to a more efficient use of the external IT consulting firm’s resources and time.

Michael Sabounghi, Operations Director for CTI’s Cloud Communications division commented, “Our Redundancy solution leverages almost any data circuit as a fail-over path for our ClearPath Solution. Failover functionality is accomplished within the Firewall, and we manage it for our customers. Our service is able to monitor all WAN connections based on custom probing parameters, so when we detect a problem with the primary circuit, a failover event is automatically triggered. The entire process takes less than one minute and preserves the ability to conduct business until the Primary circuit is repaired. This ability brings our level of service far above Traditional Telephony, and keeps our customers up and running, regardless of a service outage.”

“I can’t even conceive of wanting an in-house PBX again,” the CFO later commented. “Outsourcing was the way to go for a business my size. You still get all the features of a good in-house PBX, but there are no longer any obsolescence issues and almost no on-site maintenance needs.”

Opus 3 was also able to save a significant amount of money with CTI’s fax server and fax-to-email solution, which the CFO found to be much cheaper and more effective than the server-based fax solution he’d been using.

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