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Network Security Assessment Tools

These tools will help you understand the security posture of your environment.

HIPAA Assessment Module
The HIPAA Module of the CTiQ Network Assessment Tool allows for automatic generation of the key documents necessary to demonstrate compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule. It includes comprehensive checklists that cover the Administrative, Physical, and Technical safeguards defined in the HIPAA Security Rule. Learn More.

PCI Assessment Module
The PCI (Payment Card Industry) Module of our CTiQ Network Assessment Tool collects site data and provide PCI Compliance reports and other background documentation for a PCI audit. This module combines automatic collection of network and computer data, with custom-generated worksheets that define what additional information to collect on-site. Data from the various scans and worksheets are then all automatically analyzed and seamlessly integrated into a set of PCI Compliance reports that can be leveraged to ensure adherence to PCI Data Security Standards. Learn more.

Security Assessment Tool
The CTiQ Network Assessment’s Security Assessment Tool provides in-depth reports on security risks and regular checkups on your network, allowing for a more closely monitored system security framework. The Security Assessment runs a non-invasive data collector on a domain server, then analyzes the network data to produce a set of network security reports that are delivered as part of one-time or recurring security briefings. Learn more.