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How do you measure ROI when you are considering your phone system and carrier? If you’re like most, you will take the simple approach – look at the bill, and say, this is cheaper, so it’s better for our budget.
But taking this simplistic view overlooks some hidden factors that could lead to missed opportunities, particularly if you don’t have the proper configuration for your company’s specific needs. Particularly in these uncertain times, when remote work is likely here to stay in some form or fashion, you may want to consider the benefits of a flexible hosted IP PBX – which can pay off in ways you never considered.
It’s time to think outside the bill. Here are some scenarios where a less progressive approach can be costly:
  1. Where’s Waldo? If your company is like most, you have a people scattered about — some on the road, some at a remote office, some doing multiple jobs. One of hidden costs of a traditional phone system relates to how much time you are spending trying to track employees down. You call the office, their cell, the home office to no avail. At which number do you leave a message? At all numbers? Well maybe. What message did they already respond to? This scenario is not uncommon at all. Clearly it would be more efficient to call one number that rings all their reach numbers at once. With a Hosted IP PBX, you can even leave a voice mail and have it delivered instantly to their email account.
  2. Not Playing Nicely. In another scenario that is all too likely, you have several locations, with people at each location that need to interact consistently. Each time they call, they leave a message, and someone returns that call – who also has to leave a message. Your employee’s productivity goes down, and costs to call each other go up. How about a system that would allow the flexibility to collaborate, the first time – every time?
  3. Playing Backup. Consider those situations when you call someone that is out, but you need urgent attention and would like to reach the backup? Don’t bother leaving the name and number of that person on your outgoing message – most people will just hang up. With a hosted solution, you can configure your phone dynamically to forward calls to the covering person directly – or even different people at different times of day.
  4. The Dreaded Busy Signal. If you are relying on copper lines, invariably you may reach a point where they are maxed out, and your customers get that fast busy signal. That may as well be the signal of death. A more flexible system will allow for an auto-attendant to play traffic cop, and ensure you don’t lose the opportunity.
  5. No Power, No Customer. Imagine your physical location experiences a power outage or some other extreme weather day, which necessitates a last-minute decision to have everyone work remotely. Do you have the flexibility to configure your phone system to connect to your mission-critical staff seamlessly, no matter where they are? A hosted PBX solution will help you prevent a snow day from being a “no” day.
All the above scenarios have dollars associated with them — a real cost that can be measured on the bottom line.
Reach out to CTI today to see if we can help you find a flexible hosted IP PBX solution that will keep you productive, and profitable, no matter what the situation.