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LeaderFinder Consulting Recruits Cloud Communications to Help Manage their Client Communications

LeaderFinder Consulting is a boutique New York-based firm that offers customized talent solutions to corporate clients. Its personalized approach to business made communications in the company a top priority. So when President and Founder Tom Carter was looking to upgrade their old PBX system for something that would create a “seamless sense of professionalism,” he turned to a colleague at CTI for help.

“When we first started the business,” Tom explains, “We got a simple starter system to handle our calls. But as the business grew, I didn’t always remember to switch the system over every night and then switch it back again. It became a hassle. I wanted something easy to maintain that would give me peace of mind when I left the office.”

After meeting with the team from CTI, Tom was excited to learn about the simplicity and exceptional functionality of the Cloud Communications solution. It was the perfect match for Tom’s needs, as it not only relieved him of having to operate his own phone system, but it also gave him immediate access to all the latest technology and features as they become available on the Cloud Communications switch.

“I love how all the technology is at your fingertips,” Tom continues. “I went to the web portal the other day and ran through every single feature. I love all the stuff that you can tweak and toggle–especially the automatic forwarding of e-mail to voicemail, and the ability to work from anywhere while still appearing to be in my office. I am very happy with it.”

The new system allowed Carter to easily share floor space with other companies, providing them with separate auto attendants and leasing phones to them on a flat fee basis. It also gave Carter the ability to take his phone with him on a trip to South America and basically plug it in and work from wherever he was as if he was still in his office in the U.S.

“Before working with CTI,” Tom adds, “I had to think about my phones all the time. Now we don’t think about anything anymore, because you guys do it for us.”

To find out more about how a Cloud Communications Solution can help your business, please call 1-888-477-4284 and ask to speak with a Cloud Communications Account Rep.