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The Importance of Business Continuity
— A CTI Song Parody

This short humorous video, based on one of CTI’s popular blog posts “Disaster Plan vs. Continuity Plan,” shows why business continuity and a disaster recovery plans are so important for every business to have in place.

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Check Out These Informative Resources About Business Continuity

The adage, “Hope for the best, and plan for the worst” is a smart strategy when it comes to business. Even when your business is thriving, it could all come to a sudden halt if you experience a disaster you’re not prepared to overcome. Whether it’s a flood, fire, power outage, hardware crash or any other emergency, you need to be prepared for this worst-case scenario, so if it ever happens, it doesn’t ruin your business.

Below is a list of resources designed to educate you on the topic. Or, if you have specific questions, please feel to reach out to us at 888-477-4284 or through our Contact Us form.

Disaster Plan vs. Continuity Plan

What Is a Business Continuity Plan and Why Does Your Company Need One?