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WEBINAR: How to Tame the Wild West Frontiers of Cloud Communications

VoIP in the Cloud During the Pandemic and Beyond


Hosted by:
Ben Schoolsky
Chief Customer Officer, Consolidated Technologies, Inc.
Chris Poulopoulos
Director of Operations,  Consolidated Technologies, Inc.

Today, unified communications in the cloud is quickly gaining favor with businesses of all sizes — if done correctly, you can gain features, savings and flexibility by reducing your communications and collaboration infrastructure and taking advantage of great advances in cloud-based Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS).

However, for the uninitiated, the cloud can be a “Wild West” frontier — filled with vast territories of unknowns. Do you know everything you need to in order to be prepared for a cloud-first future — during the pandemic and beyond?

Join CTI Chief Customer Officer Ben Schoolsky and Director of Operations Chris Poulopoulos for a discussion to help you better understand the promise of Cloud UC. You’ll understand the basics of VoIP in the Cloud; the importance of developing a cloud migration plan; and how you can become one of the success stories of those who have already made the move.