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How a Carrier Services Specialist Can Save You Money

“Most companies today are surprised when we show them how much they’re overpaying for carrier services,” says Alyse Brady, Manager of CTI’s Carrier Services. “My job is to find our customers the best carrier solution for their present and future needs — at the best price.”

Ms. Brady is a valuable addition to your CTI team. With over 16 years in the communications industry, Alyse and her team are experts at consulting customers on network solutions and the various options available to them. (They are often able to save customers up to 25% annually.) When you choose a CTI solution, we take total ownership of the ordering process, implementation, and ongoing support. When there is an issue, you can call CTI and we will contact the carrier and place the trouble ticket for you!

CTI Carrier Services Include:

A full review of all of your invoices (at no charge) to see what services you currently have.

Analyzation of existing agreements and detailed cost comparisons.

Recommendations based upon our 15 years’ experience with all of the major carriers. We partner up with EVERY major carrier in the marketplace.

Customer advocacy and streamlined processing of agreements with the carrier.

Provide direct billing and relationship with your preferred carrier – while CTI helps put in trouble tickets and helps you manage relationships.

Assistance in the coordination of new carrier services with the chosen provider including:

  • Participation in project management kick off calls to discuss the progression of the project.
  • Support of installations with the project managers and technical teams.

Take your experience to the next level with enhanced services from CTI Carrier Services (additional costs apply):

CTiQ’s proactive monitoring tool gauges your usage and provides alerts to outages, resource deficiencies and more.

CTiQ  ticket management takes the headache out of managing Carrier trouble tickets and escalations.

To learn more about how CTI can improve your experience with carriers, please contact our Carrier Services Specialist, Alyse Brady at 212-300-1214 or by filling out the form below.


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