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IT Solutions for Healthcare Enterprises

In health care and life sciences today, patient needs for medical services are rising steadily, and the industry is facing a shortage of skilled clinicians. Tomorrow, the world’s aging population will drive expenditures to ever-larger proportions of GDP. Significantly more care must be delivered to a much larger population, which will demand higher quality, greater efficiency and lower costs.

Health insurance payers and providers — both private for-profit companies and publicly funded government entities — are under pressure to control costs, improve medical expense ratios and slow the growth of insurance premiums so consumers and employers can afford care.

To transform how care is delivered, physicians, hospitals and health systems are increasingly measured and rewarded for quality outcomes. They must have processes and technologies in place to put more attention on patients and be more efficient with resources. Health care companies must supply innovative, high-quality medicines, devices and diagnostic capabilities that improve health at a reasonable cost.

To address these industry challenges, Consolidated Technologies, Inc. integrates communications technology into existing clinical systems. In building solutions for health care and life sciences, Avaya leverages our complete communications portfolio as well as best-of-breed third-party solutions.

Managed IT Solutions for Health Care

Handling sensitive patient data, as well as relying on your network to access those records, demands that you have a secure and reliable network that’s accessible 24/7, which is what our managed IT solutions for health care do.

Your Health care organization benefits from:

yellow-checkmarkOptimized security: We evaluate your network’s security and partner with you and leading companies in the security sector, like Oxford Solutions, to repair vulnerabilities and ensure your system is compliant with health care standards, courtesy of our network security services.


yellow-checkmarkMaintained hardware: Our team ensures your server is operating at its best with our server care services, plus remedies any hiccups by monitoring your system 24/7 so that you can access and update patient charts and handle billing, payments and more.

Unified Communications Solutions for Health Care

It’s a fast-paced world in health care, which is why our unified communications solutions for health care keep your staff connected. Whether they’re nurses, doctors, staff or other critical members of your team, we make communication between them seamless.

Features of our unified communications include:

yellow-checkmarkBoost communication: Bringing Avaya into your facility makes for a smooth Make video conferencing and chatting with fellow executives easy while receiving our dedicated IT support for health care. The mobile and desktop applications also let you talk wherever and on whatever device.


yellow-checkmarkSupport mobility: Ensuring your communications are secure is essential in health care. This IT solution for health care lets your staff use their personal devices for work, giving them immediate access to co-workers in the room or on the other side of the hospital. We ensure every device is secure to protect essential data with our mobility services.

Call Us for a Free Consultation for Health Care IT Services in NY

At Consolidated Technologies, Inc., we offer more than 20 years of experience in delivering custom IT solutions for health care providers in New York and the tri-state area. With our exceptional IT support for health care, you can trust your facility is secure and efficient, including when it comes to IT costs.

To learn more about CTI solutions for health care providers, call us today to speak with a Health care Account Representative.