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Genesys Cloud

Powering customer communications, Creating great customer relationships

Customer relationships can be complex, but that doesn’t mean they have to be difficult. The Genesys CloudTM solution makes interacting with prospects and customers simple. Built to handle any channel, Genesys Cloud can turn calls, email, chats and social comments into one seamless conversation — all while empowering your teams to provide exceptional customer experiences. It lets you easily:

All-in-one omnichannel

Built from the start to create seamless conversations, Genesys Cloud eliminates the need for multiple systems and applications. It’s an all-in-one solution that provides a unified experience, across all channels. It uses a common routing engine for all interaction types so you can easily control utilization and agent blending, while ensuring conversations are delivered to the agents best equipped to handle them.

Agents receive interactions from any channel in a single and consistent interface, allowing them to easily blend real-time (voice calls and chats) and asynchronous conversations (text messages, email and social), all while reducing training time and errors.

Context about each customer and a complete interaction history let agents understand who each customer is and their unique journey. Personalize dynamic scripts and responses while keeping agents on-message and compliant.


Provide 24/7 self-service and agent-assisted service via IVR flows you can administer yourself using an intuitive drag-and-drop editor. Configure prompts, data dips, sub-menus and transfers to fit your business needs — all without the need for professional service or downtime.

Give customers a conversational self-service experience. Choose from built-in automatic speech recognition or natural language understanding integration. And rest easy knowing our IVR has the security features you need to comply with regulations, so you can securely process credit card payments and adhere to privacy requirements.


Outbound campaigns

Optimize your campaigns while keeping agents productive, costs low and contact rates high. A built-in automated outbound dialer has the features, power, scale and flexibility you need to increase campaign effectiveness. Align customer demand with agent utilization by blending inbound queues and outbound campaigns, with agents moving seamlessly between the two.

Accurately detect and filter out answering machines, busy signals, unanswered calls, disconnected numbers and fax machines, and configure campaigns with a variety of dialing modes. Help your agents spend less time waiting and more time connecting to customers. Stay in compliance with automated time-zone mapping for your campaigns.

Custom dashboards and reports

Get the actionable insights you need to run and optimize your business — from one place, in real time

Virtually limitless reporting is at your fingertips in the Genesys Cloud solution. Layered, dynamic views bring together metrics from every channel — inbound and outbound. Compare real-time and historical data in a single view to see how your current performance measures up with the past. Or filter, save and export unique views in seconds. Drill down for deeper details with a single click. Configure custom dashboards in minutes, and use packaged integrations or open APIs to export data into a business intelligence database. You also can build highly customized wallboards and reports.

Whether you’re walking the call center floor with an iPad or working at your computer, it’s easy to stay connected and in control. Set alarms and get alerts when key metrics are out of bounds, so you never miss an important detail.

Workforce engagement management

Genesys Cloud Workforce Engagement capabilities boost employee productivity with built-in artificial intelligence (AI) and automation features across quality management, voice and digital recording, workforce management, and employee performance domains — all from a single intuitive application.

Intraday monitoring and real-time adherence views help you track outliers and react. It takes just 30 seconds for the Genesys Cloud solution to take your historical data and blend with more than 20 forecasting methodologies to predict and track all interaction performance. A comprehensive view across all channels ensures you can thoroughly evaluate interactions to provide your agents with effective coaching and performance reviews.

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