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Get a Free Analysis of Your Conferencing Costs

2017 is almost here and that means it is time to conduct an audit of your conferencing and collaboration services.

As a result of the evolution of conferencing platforms, there are many high-quality, low-cost options available in the marketplace. If you send us a copy of your most recent invoice, we’ll review your company’s usage and recommend the best option to reduce conferencing costs without giving up valuable features.

Information Needed for FREE Analysis

Please email a copy of your most recent conferencing invoice to If you are unable to obtain a copy, please send the following information:

·       Services used (audio, screen sharing and/or video)

·       Number of licenses, if applicable

·       Average number of conferencing minutes

·       Average monthly spend

Understand Your Bill

With so much fine print and extra fees, it is sometimes hard to know what you’re really paying for. This free analysis will help you gain clarity on your invoice and understand what additional charges and fees you maybe be able to avoid.

Just send your latest invoice or the requested information above to make sure to take advantage of this offer to help you potentially save thousands of dollars.

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Conferencing Cost Free Analysis