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Empower the Data-driven Organization

Put more of your relevant data to work delivering actionable intelligence to the right people at the right time.

Turn Insights into Advantage

HavinBusinessman hands holding a magnifying glass and analysing the dg the right data-centric foundation and tools in place doesn’t guarantee you’ll extract maximum value from the data. All of your data–not just structured, business data–must be smartly analyzed to yield competitive advantage.

When you can access and interpret the relevant human, machine and business data from your organization, you can attract new customers, enhance business processes, operate more efficiently and create new revenue streams. CTI gives you the means to succeed with technology and people that help you turn insight into advantage.

Seize the Data You Need for Your Business

The torrent of data created in today’s enterprise contains potential gems for your business. Every tweet, video, document, transaction record, social media comment and machine log has the potential to reveal knowledge that can drive desired business outcomes. To get the benefit of this data, you need to be able to store, discover, protect and act on all the data that matters—no matter where it is, what it is or how fast it’s growing.

Deliver Current, Actionable Analytics

Big Data concept

Business leaders have always mined data to guide decisions. Today we can deliver sophisticated analytics of vastly richer data sets to everyone who needs them through virtually any application and device.

This involves thinking creatively and running tests in parallel. It means quickly scaling up the experiments that work. Traditional analytics tools are not suited for this task. To succeed, you need new, high-scaling, high velocity analytics capabilities.

Realize Targeted Business Outcomes

Well-implemented analytics help extract business value across environments and in many industries with unique needs. Examples abound: A telecom company improves customer service with real-time insights from usage data. A transportation company builds a safer travel experience by analyzing videos from thousands of surveillance cameras in real time. A manufacturing company spots failures through linguistic analysis of service records. A medical research lab eradicates diseases based on insights from millions of medical records. Your organization can define its future with insight from analytics that find patterns where humans can’t.