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Cybersecurity On Demand:
Watch CTI’s COVID-19 Webinar Now

Cybersecurity represents an enormous challenge for businesses during the best of times. But, as the COVID-19 pandemic drags into three months of impacting the world’s health and economy, bad actors are continuing to use the pandemic as cover for illicit cyber-activity.

As a result, CTI recently hosted a webinar, titled “Security in the Era of COVID-19: How to Protect Your Remote & Work-From-Home Workforce from External Threats.”

Attendees gathered virtually as Ben Schoolsky, CTI’s Chief Customer Officer, and Paul Thompson, Senior Solutions Architect, spotlighted the greatest cyber-risks to businesses, and some innovative solutions that can be deployed quickly to inoculate corporate endpoints and infrastructure from these hazards.

To watch the webinar on-demand, please click on graphic below.

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