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Network Security in New York

Protect Your People with a 24/7×365 Security Operations Center, Email Security and Endpoint Protection, and Threat Advisory Services.

In an ever-evolving landscape of network security threats, a great defense is the best offense. Consolidated Technologies, Inc. empowers your business and helps you navigate uncharted security waters with smart firewalls and filtering solutions. We build you a 24/7 protection solution that safeguards your business, so your employees can remotely access your workplace from anywhere while your business stays protected against a reinforced perimeter.

Secure your entire network, satellite offices and the traffic that runs through it with leading network security for businesses from New York’s Consolidated Technologies, Inc. Regardless of company size, you need a robust solution that can look across architecture and applications to keep your operations safe.

Network security is no longer the realm of just your IT team. Every business operation, every product and every customer service interaction utilizes your network. 100% of your network should be safe or else you put your customers at risk.

Our information technology and security solutions give you the tools you need to secure your main networks and those of your satellite offices. We keep tabs on traffic that runs through your network security from New York’s Consolidated Technologies, Inc.

We’re also proud to call ourselves a SKOUT Cybersecurity partner. No matter the size of your business, we build you a robust architecture of safety precaution using our cloud security products and solutions.

Get Protected With a Network Vulnerability Assessment.

The security analysts at Consolidated Technologies, Inc. perform consistent vulnerability scanning of your network to identify new threats before they occur. Our information security engineers perform network vulnerability assessments throughout the tri-state area to give your business the power to perfect your threat vulnerability management.

We start your information security network assessment with an overview of your policy before taking a closer look at your existing architecture and infrastructure technology. Our security infrastructure vulnerability assessment tests the following features: 


Aegis Attack
Aegis Assess Internal Penetration Test
External Penetration Test
Web Application Penetration Test
Social Engineering

Cyber Program Assessment
Security Framework Review
Architecture Review
Gap Analysis
Technology Roadmap
• Overview and executive briefing
• Threat detection report
• Recommendations and roadmap
• Network health check
• Asset inventory
• Policy and procedure review
• Risk Assessment against compliance needs
• Architecture and infrastructure technology recommendations
• Proven penetration testing methodology
• Onsite debrief of security testing results
• Assess security controls, policies and procedures
• Meet regulatory compliance and government regulations
• Detailed security vulnerability report
• Best practice recommendations based on unique
business and industry needs

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Security Reporting From Consolidated Technologies, Inc. 

Our security reporting services are built to help you develop a plan that addresses the weaknesses in your network and prevents security breaches. With a comprehensive security report from Consolidated Technologies, Inc., you’ll have all the information necessary to form an incident response plan and create a secure perimeter for your network.

Compliance Assistance Programs

With our team of network security engineers, you can stay on top of new regulations so your business is always within compliance. Choose Consolidated Technologies, Inc. for network monitoring and compliance expertise.

Penetration Testing

Consolidated Technologies, Inc. snuffs out security threats by identifying exploitable locations in your network before anyone else. Once these locations have been detected, we help your business patch vulnerabilities and eliminate the chance of future downtime due to their potential exploitation.

Comprehensive Managed Security

Consolidated Technologies, Inc. offers comprehensive managed security solutions 24/7. We have our own managed security operations center with a team of dedicated cyber security vulnerability analysts and vulnerability coordination specialists in New York to keep an eye out for threats and respond to them locally as they occur.

We can keep mid-sized and large enterprises safe from security flaws and provide them with live support from security specialists.

Secure Your Network With the Experts at Consolidated Technologies, Inc. 

Consolidated Technologies, Inc. can help you secure your network and stop security breaches before they start. We even offer a free guide on Network Security: What It Is and Why It’s More Important Than Ever. To see how we can help your business reinforce your security perimeter and form an incident plan, contact us online today.

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Penetration Testing

If exploitable locations exist on your network, we’ll work to find them before anyone else can. Plus, we’ll work to solve them.

Penetration testing services from Consolidated Technologies, Inc. enables you to determine and intelligently adapt to vulnerabilities or concerns so you can avoid downtime that hurts your bottom line. Pen-tests are commonly becoming a requirement when regulations are updated, so you can also protect your revenues from fines.

Protect yourself by identifying problems right away, keeping customer information secure and limiting any potential role in data loss.

Comprehensive Managed Security

As a leading managed security service provider in New York, Consolidated Technologies, Inc. can offer extensive security and 24/7 protection for your network, clients, applications and much more. With a managed security operations center, we’ll monitor your network and keep an eye out for threats, automate alerts and information delivery, look for harm in traffic and review endpoints for any unauthorized activity.

From mid-sized businesses to large enterprises, CTI works with any company that needs assistance solving security and compliance challenges. Get the resources and support your network and your applications need to grow, scale and improve your daily operations.

ADVANCED THREAT PROTECTION              It takes more than ANTIVIRUS.

Aegis Hunt • Malicious Code Analysis • Analyze infected assets • Threat Investigation & Detection • Remediation Services • Threat Detection Report • Onsite Debrief • Detailed Security Vulnerability Report