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Protect Your Business Against Fraud – Breach – Brand Devastation – Financial Loss

“It is not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ an intrusion will be attempted on your business computer system in an effort to steal your customers’ personal information.”

John G. Iannarelli – Former Assistant Special Agent in Charge, FBI Phoenix Division

The dramatic rise in data breach events in the United States and the increase of identity theft victims has driven Consolidated Technologies, Inc. to evaluate solutions which protect our clients and our company. Technological changes are making individuals and businesses more vulnerable to ID theft and breach events and we cannot afford to ignore the signs of greater threats in the future.

To ensure your respective State Cyber Security regulations are met, CTI has initiated the CTiQ SmartIDentity for Business program. This package of benefits provides the tools every small to medium sized business needs to better protect itself and its employees.

75% of breaches are to businesses of 100 employees or fewer

83% of SMBs have no formal security plan

92% of companies who experienced a data breach didn’t know it until notified by a third party

According to a 2015 Trend Micro research report titled “Dissecting Data Breaches and Debunking Myths” – ONLY 25% of all data breaches were related to IT and hacking.

And that 75% of data breach events were related to people including current/former employees, customers, contractors, vendors, along with organized crime and social engineering.

What’s included:

Pre-Data Breach Services


Business Internet Credential Monitoring with email and SMS text alerts

Information Governance Self-Assessment Questionnaire available for viewing or download

Template Information Governance Policy available for viewing or download

Data Breach Event Checklist available for viewing or download

Quarterly cyber security and information governance training events

Quarterly email newsletter with valuable content about cyber security and risk issues

Flash email alerts concerning immediate and emerging cyber threats

Data Breach Response Planning and Notification Service


Benefits include Services for up to two (2) Data Breach events per 12 month period

Initial assessment to determine compliance and notification requirements based on the circumstances of the event

Recommended response plan including timeline and notice content

Fully Managed Identity Fraud Research, Remediation and Recovery services for a group of up to 5,000 Affected Consumer per Data Breach event

Optional mailing and address management services available at preferred pricing

Optional call center services at preferred pricing

Referrals to highly qualified attorney firms and technical service providers at preferred rates


Frequently Asked Questions about CTiQ SmartIDentity for Business


Why should I purchase CTiQ SID4B instead of cyber liability insurance?

Actually, they are complimentary. With the CTiQ SID4B solution, you limit your risks by minimizing exposure and preparing yourself to meet all compliance demands. Cyber insurance reimburses you for the damage a breach may cause; however, it may not cover all of the costs of an event as there are common exclusions.

What is a data breach and why should I care?

A Data Breach is an intentional, accidental OR suspected act that results in a release or possible release of private, confidential information. This information may include consumer, employee, business or other information that is important to keep confidential.

Why should you care? You are legally responsible to safely maintain consumer and employee data, and failing to do so can result in civil and even criminal penalties. You may also have proprietary information that is valuable. The loss or theft of any of this data could be costly in reputation as well as in monetary loss.

Why am I at risk of a data breach?

EVERYONE is at risk and your business is a target. Data is valuable and criminals know it. Your business may not be a Fortune 500 company, but criminals are becoming more focused on attacking entities that do not have the financial and IT resources available to large companies to protect themselves.

My IT has everything locked down – I’m not at risk

Most large breach events occur due to the failure of an individual, not necessarily network security. 75% of data loss occurs due to the intentional or accidental actions of an insider, commonly known as the “insider threat” or “Social Engineering”. Additionally, you are probably not as secure as Target, Home Depot, The White House and the Office of Personnel Management, all of whom were recent victims of a data breach.

What is an “insider threat”?

An insider threat is when a current or former employee, contractor or vendor accidentally or intentionally participates or allows a data breach to occur. It is estimated that 1 in 6 employees looks for opportunities to take advantage of or steal from their employer. Add that to the number that make mistakes and you can see that the insider threat is enormous.

I already have cyber liability insurance, why do I need your program?

Cyber Liability insurance pays for some of the costs associated with a data breach; however, it does nothing to help you prepare for it in the first place. Without proper preparation and planning your business is unprepared and unprotected, leaving you open to fines, penalties and class action lawsuits.

If I get breached what do you do on my behalf?

First, we try to help make sure your business does not experience a data breach in the first place. In the event that you do, we are prepared and ready to assist you to get through the event and prosper once it is over. We do this through:

  • Help with the notification of all relevant agencies, both State and Federal.
  • Assistance in crafting the messaging for both the media and internally so all employees are aware and are sending the same message.
  • Support the state and federal notification regulatory laws to affected individuals and businesses.

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