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Bring Office and Remote Workers Together:
Avaya Cloud Office Rooms with CU360

Written by Oliver Bengtsson, a Senior Marketing Manager in the Avaya Solutions Marketing team, focused on Avaya OneCloud CPaaS and UCaaS.

Remote work has been an overwhelming success, but it won’t keep employees out of the office full-time as the world begins to reopen. A January 2021 study from PwC found varying opinions among business leaders regarding how often employees should be back in the office, with 68% of executives believing people should be in the office at least three days a week to maintain a distinctive company culture. In addition, 61% of employees expect to spend half their time in the office by July. Whichever way you slice it, employees will return to the office in some capacity as we move forward.

Organizations will need tools and technologies that create a sustainable work environment by seamlessly connecting employees and teams regardless of where they are located: in-office conference rooms, at-home, and virtually anywhere else. Just because people are spread out doesn’t mean projects should take longer, collaboration gets harder, or onboarding new workers become a struggle. In-office workers will need to get together in a room while seamlessly bringing remote employees into work with them.

Avaya Cloud Office Rooms and the CU360

Avaya Cloud Office Rooms with CU360 does just this, transforming company meeting areas such as conference rooms, huddle rooms, individual offices, and training rooms, into powerful video meeting rooms that are simple to set up and manage. If you’re heading up a meeting in the office, all you need to do is gather your in-office employees to your dedicated meeting area that has an Avaya Cloud Office Rooms license and the Avaya CU360. Your remote workers can connect to the meeting using the device of their choice to see all in-office participants and share content. Back at the office, you can just as easily engage face-to-face with those who are connecting remotely and share content as though you are together in the same place.

Whether you’re conducting interviews with remote candidates while in-office, connecting with employees across branch offices, or handling weekly team meetings with a balance of in-office and remote workers – you’ll be able to have a successful meeting experience every time.

Here are some of the top highlights of Avaya Cloud Office Rooms with CU360:

  • Make it easy for everyone to start, join, and manage meetings with a single touch.
  • Interact with your team while reviewing shared content by using the dual-screen feature
  • Get scheduling simplicity through calendar integrations with the Microsoft and Google calendaring systems.
  • Share your screen to the monitor in your meeting area wirelessly without fumbling with cables, dongles, or remotes.

Most companies surveyed by PwC expect to be back on their premises and able to support 50% capacity by the end of this year. If you’re currently supporting a distributed workforce or plan to shortly – some people here, there, and everywhere – you’ll need to support immersive and intuitive video meeting experiences so that you can use video skills already developed to continue to drive strong company culture and sustain future success in the world with mixed traditional and remote work environments.