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Windows 365 Cloud PC

The fast and monumental shift to work-from-home and hybrid office culture has led to technological innovation. Tech giants are stepping up to the plate and taking their best swing at creating a solution for the modern worker. In July 2021, Microsoft rolled out its new take on a personal computer (PC), the Windows 365 Cloud PC.

The program can facilitate hybrid office structures by keeping the PC experience consistent from one device to another. Whether an employee is working from a high-rise or a spare bedroom, companies can keep their projects flowing with Windows 365. The cloud PC service marks the beginning of a tech revolution — with the goal of adapting to an all-new workplace landscape.

What Is Windows 365 Cloud PC and How Does It Work?

One of the main obstacles of hybrid office culture is consistency — how do you pick up where you left off in two completely different settings? Employees need access to the same resources and programs at home, which can get expensive and complicated. These tools also need to be secure.

Microsoft sought to solve this issue with Windows 365. It’s a cloud service, which means it runs on the internet rather than running locally on one device. It’s compatible with Windows 10 or 11. It works by transporting either operating system into the Microsoft Cloud. In essence, Windows 365 allows you to access all your personalized apps, data, and settings on different devices.

How Do You Use It?

With Microsoft 365, you can take your personal Windows experience and stream it to any compatible device, including desktops, laptops, and tablets. As long as you have  a compatible device handy, including Apple devices, Android devices and Linux computers, you can use Windows 365.

All you have to do is launch into your desktop from a web browser. You’ll see everything from your Office Suite to your personalized background. You can also access your office’s network, including shared files, without needing a virtual private network (VPN). This solution is ideal for high-security users.

Because the program is consistent with existing solutions, it’s easy for information technology (IT) teams to adapt to. It does not require any new infrastructure or tools. Users need only a license and a group assignment to get started.

The Next Generation of Hybrid Work

Tech solutions like hybrid personal computing are shaping the future of work culture. Why commute into the crowded office every day for a set amount of hours when you can access your tools and collaborate with your peers from anywhere? Employees are beginning to expect a certain level of flexibility and choice. The cultural shift should only continue in the decades to come. The youngest employees desire a hybrid culture the most. Among Generation Z, 48 percent claim to prefer hybrid work.

At the same time, doing a job from various locations presents logistical challenges. How do you make sure professionals have the applications they need? How do you keep your organizational and personal data secure? How do you scale up or down while providing everyone the necessary tech solutions?

Windows 365 addresses these concerns. By blurring the line between device and cloud, it opens up new possibilities for workplaces, schools, and other environments. It represents the beginning of a new generation for hybrid work.

Key Benefits Over Conventional Computing

What does all of this mean for employers and employees? Windows 365 provides key benefits over conventional computing. The program achieves the following:

1. Provides the Same Experience Anywhere

The main advantage of Windows 365 is that it allows you to have the exact same PC experience on each device. With conventional computing, you have to take time to download apps, adjust settings, and upload data on each device you use. This time-consuming and logistically challenging process is no longer necessary thanks to Windows 365. Instead, you can access everything with one simple sign-in. It’s like using the same desktop on multiple computers.

2. Simplifies the Process for IT Teams

Hybrid office culture can be a nightmare for IT teams. Employees need access to every solution, app, and setting on multiple devices. Without a cloud PC solution, IT teams would have to prepare and troubleshoot every individual device each employee intends to use. With Microsoft 365, IT teams can prepare each user remotely, once per user. It also simplifies troubleshooting, which can happen anywhere.

3. Solves Logistical Challenges for Scaling

Workplaces often need to scale up or down for various reasons, as projects may be temporary or seasonal. Microsoft 365 facilitates personnel changes, no matter how often they occur. IT teams can cycle employees on and off groups with efficiency and no qualms about security.

4. Offers Superior Security

Windows 365 offers secure cloud storage. It’s perfect for confidential, high-security industries. Security features include encrypted email, data loss prevention, remote mobile data deletion, and advanced threat analytics, which uses machine learning to detect suspicious behavior.

5. Allows for Easier Collaboration

One of the challenges of working from home is collaboration. Microsoft Teams offers a solution by allowing for remote video conferencing, calling, document sharing, and other capabilities. With Windows 365, each employee’s Microsoft Teams application will be transferable from one device to the next, further simplifying collaboration.

Why Now?

Major changes in office culture are on the horizon, and Microsoft 365 is a viable solution beyond everyday offices. Virtualization is also beginning to reach the public sector. The Government of the Canadian territory Nunavut has been using Windows 365 as a secure platform for community services. Thousands of government employees, relief workers, and contractors use the platform every day. Solutions like Microsoft 365 are broadening what people can do and how they can do it across a wide range of different settings.

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A personalized cloud PC like Windows 365 could be one of the main drivers of a hybrid work revolution. With the capability to stream a secure desktop on any device, it opens many doors. Tech solutions like Windows 365 are redefining what an office can be and what users can achieve. Employers will have to keep up with the changing face of tech in order to stay efficient and attract top talent.

At Consolidated Technologies, Inc., we are dedicated to Helping Our Customers Succeed. We do this by staying ahead of the technology curve rather than chasing it. We provide scalability for the next generation of innovation. We want you to achieve the maximum benefit from your technology and investments, which is why we help businesses like yours reduce costs, increase efficiency, and maintain manageable growth.

If you want to learn more about Microsoft 365 and other emerging tech solutions, contact us at Consolidated Technologies, Inc. We’ll craft personalized tech solutions just for you!