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Why Outsourcing Your IT Doesn’t Mean Cutting Your IT Person

You might have awesome IT people in the office who love their jobs. The last thing in the world you would want to do is cut them loose. They work hard and provide solutions — but they can’t be everywhere all the time. Sometimes a limited IT staff can’t cover every problem that arises with your technology. That’s why it’s always important to ask the right questions and make decisions based on your unique goals, but it might be a good idea to consider all of the benefits outsourced IT can provide — without losing your IT people.

Here are some of the key benefits of outsourced IT.

Focused Skillset

If you only have a small IT department or one IT person, there’s a good chance he could be suffering from the burnout associated with day-to-day troubleshooting and maintenance. Use outsourced IT to automate required but less-important tasks so your IT person can focus on substantial, revenue-increasing projects.

In-house IT professionals know your industry, so they should be able to apply their training and talents where it makes the most sense for the company: goals and growth.

Increased Security

With outsourced IT, none of the details will slip through the cracks, which is the common result of an overwhelmed IT guy. MSPs handle software and hardware updates, data backups, threat monitoring, anti-virus updates, patches and more. No matter how good your tech person is, they can’t offer the 24/7/365 availability of a managed IT provider. That availability entails immediate threat response and resolution in case of emergencies like database corruption, software crashes and more.

Greater Access to New Technology and Information

Your IT professional has to keep up with your specific business on a daily basis, which makes it unreasonable for him to also know about every new development in technology. With outsourced IT, you gain access to a pool of professionals with their own specialized knowledge, giving you more access to leading information. You’ll learn about new hardware and software technologies, documentation practices and trusted methodologies.

Saved Money

MSPs will work with you to provide services that fit your budget. No matter how much you spend, you’ll receive a high ROI. When you avoid security breaches and issues that cost valuable company hours, you won’t face unexpected expenses that can set you back months in profit and progress.

How Outsourced IT and In-House IT Can Work Together

Sometimes, the idea of incorporating outsourced IT into your company’s process can seem daunting when you have to break the news to your in-house IT and begin the work of forming a cohesive, effective team. Make sure you promote a culture of teamwork between the in-house and outsourced IT professionals and that you maintain clear leadership no matter how many professionals are under your company roof. When you apply each individual’s unique strengths to a common goal, you’ll be able to promote a healthy and cooperative work environment.


We know you need outsourced IT that you can trust will work well with your in-house department. Contact Consolidated Technologies, Inc. to take the next step for your business progress with outsourced IT.