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Why Your Business Should Be Adopting Cloud-Based IT Services

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One of the biggest questions many businesses face today is whether or not to adopt cloud-based IT services. These services are internet-based computing programs that don’t need to be downloaded onto a physical computer — they can simply function through the internet. A majority of businesses are now using at least one cloud-based service and many even use two or more. Many are even turning to cloud-based IT services. So why switch to cloud computing?

Benefits of Adopting Cloud IT

Many of the advantages of cloud computing are due to its flexibility and accessibility, though the benefits of adopting cloud computing hardly stop there. Some of the reasons why businesses move to the cloud include:

  • Low Total Cost: Cost is one of the main reasons why businesses choose cloud-based IT. On-premise systems are often expensive from the get-go, between necessary hardware and implementation costs and continuous management and updating from in-house personnel. That doesn’t even include the costs of hiring personnel to manage the software. Through a SaaS subscription, you get all the functionality of an IT staff and program without the cost.
  • Easy Implementation: Implementing software on-premises can take months, if not years, of adjustment and re-adjustment as your company’s priorities and resources shift. SaaS implementations, however, last anywhere from a month to half a year at most. This ease of implementation is primarily due to the reduced coding needed and the simple scaling and configuring capabilities of these programs. Therefore, with SaaS software, your team can start using the software and generating value as quickly as possible.
  • Automatic Updates: On-premise software immediately begins to age as soon as you purchase it. Bringing your system up to date with the latest technology is often costly and takes a great deal of time to implement properly. With a cloud-based solution, you automatically get the latest technologies without any hidden upgrade fees and minimal adjustments.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Cloud-based services are an excellent choice for businesses that are experiencing continuous growth or that undergo fluctuations in bandwidth demands. By their nature, these internet-based services scale to your usage with little to no adjustment, giving businesses greater ability to take on greater workloads.
  • Security and Recovery: Breaches come from all sources — from lost laptops to leaked passwords. Each incident can cost millions of dollars in lost data, labor and reduced revenue. Cloud systems help by encrypting data and keeping it stored in a secure and centralized location so hardware losses don’t affect your productivity.
  • Accessibility: Cloud-based programs are more accessible than hardware-based programs, allowing employees to access data from anywhere so they can continue their work on-the-go. Some programs even have mobile options. The cloud also facilitates greater collaboration between teams, allowing various groups to access and update the same data continuously.

Cloud or PBX?

While these benefits can make hosted services seem like the best option, results often vary for businesses of different sizes. In fact, these cloud-hosted services often have a subscription cost that far outpaces the average monthly needs of particularly small businesses. If your business is on the smaller side and considering upgrading to a cloud-based SaaS program, do extensive research on the cost benefits of the upgrade. It may be more worthwhile to implement a PBX solution.

PBX stands for “private branch exchange” and uses a private telephone network within an organization to communicate. These tend to be less expensive than cloud-based services while still providing many of the same benefits. If your business is on the smaller end and isn’t expected to grow much over the next few years, a PBX system is going to serve you much better than a cloud-hosted one.

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