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7 Types of Managed IT Support to Drive Your Business’ Success

Thinking of outsourcing your IT services? First, make sure that you’re not letting the myths surrounding IT hold you back! Outsourcing IT services is a decision which more and more small and medium-sized businesses are making to support their growth and IT staff. Managed IT support offers the additional advantage of enhancing your security and company productivity by maximizing your uptime.

If you’re thinking about outsourcing all or some of your IT services, first you’ll want to decide what your business needs are. To understand how to find your provider, you’ll want to know what types of managed IT support are available:

  1. Network Administration – Setting up and maintaining your network requires your IT staff’s daily attention. From helping employees with troubleshooting to arranging backups, administrating a network is a job by itself, which is why outsourcing it is advantageous — especially when you have fewer than 50 employees.
  2. Network Security – Network security is one of the most critical types of business IT support. Unauthorized network access can result in stolen data as well as damage to your company’s brand. With an experienced managed service provider (MSP), you can trust that your business network is receiving the necessary monitoring, security updates and more to secure your data.
  3. Unified Communications – Making communications across devices seamless is the short-and-sweet definition of unified communications, and it’s a popular type of managed IT support for many businesses. Unified communications not only streamline your discussions but also receive complete management from your MSP so your IT staff can focus on other tasks.
  4. Mobile Devices – Mobile devices are an undeniable part of the workplace. Many employees use their smartphones to do business — hence the “bring-your-own-device” (BYOD) acronym. The risk with BYOD is security and accessibility. With a dedicated IT team managing your mobile devices, you can rest assured their connections are secure and safe.
  5. Cloud Computing – Cloud computing is one of the newer types of IT support, as more businesses depend on the cloud to store and share valuable data. Like network administration, handling your organization’s cloud infrastructure can demand most of your IT staff’s time. With a dedicated MSP, you and your IT department can trust that your cloud storage, operating and network systems are safe, secure and under control.
  6. Help Desk – Assisting customers can demand a significant portion of your IT staff’s time. That’s why help desks are one of the most frequent types of managed IT support. And with a trusted MSP and their IT members, you can ensure your staff receives quick assistance for support tickets and fast responses to equipment errors.
  7. Data Backup – Preparing for the worst possible outcome, like a catastrophic loss of data, is essential. Data backups may work in coordination with or separate from your cloud computing, but provide the assurance that your company’s most critical information is secure and accessible.

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