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The Value of Using a Hosted PBX Phone System for Your Business

With the expected growth of cloud-based phone systems and unified communications to reach $12 billion by 2018, it’s clear there’s a reason — and several benefits — behind why businesses choose hosted PBX phone systems over the more traditional on premise systems.

What Is a Hosted PBX System?

A hosted PBX system is a modified version of traditional PBX, which consists of an on-site server for directing calls to different parties at a location. Hosted PBX systems remove that physical server from your business’ site and replaces it with a cloud-based server.

What Are the Benefits of a Hosted PBX System?

Hosted PBX systems offer a range of benefits for SMB and Enterprises alike:

  • Provides a cost-effective solution: One of the most significant and reputable benefits of hosted PBX is its cost savings. Your business saves by using its existing internet connection and receiving full maintenance and support from your service provider. That leads to zero maintenance costs and low installation expenses.
  • Scales to your company’s needs: Adjusting your phone system to the growing needs of your business is fast and seamless with hosted PBX. Call your service provider to add or remove phones or extensions, as most plans are based on your minute usage and an update is pushed to your account fast.
  • Offers enhanced features: With hosted PBX services, you can forward calls to multiple devices and move in-progress calls between phones. Most impressively, you have the freedom to make calls from anywhere while your office number shows on the other end.
  • Outsources maintenance and support: Directing your IT department’s efforts elsewhere is an option with a cloud-based phone system. Since your service provider maintains, updates and supports your hosted PBX system, your IT team can work on more pressing
  • Delivers high uptime and geo-redundancy: Hosted VOIP servers allow for increased uptime with geo-redundancy. Geo-redundancy is the highest level of storage that can be provided to your company. In the case of a major failure, it has the ability to replicate your data to another location.

What Types of Businesses Do Hosted PBX Systems Work Best For?

With the extensive benefits of hosted PBX, it’s understandable why business choose it so frequently. Is there a type of business that works best with them, though? Not really. That’s another advantage of the phone system — it works well with large, medium and small businesses alike because of its nonexistent need for an IT team.

Ready to Make the Switch? Consolidated Technologies can Help!

Think your business is ready to make the switch to a hosted PBX phone system? At Consolidated Technologies, Inc., we have more than 20 years of experience providing exceptional service to small and medium businesses throughout New York and the Tri-State area. Learn more about our hosted PBX solutions by contacting us today.