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The Answer to UCaaS Excellence is in the Cloud: 8 Reasons Why

As we emerge from COVID-19 — a once-in-a-lifetime “Black Swan” event — we can see the vestiges of preparedness. For those companies who had resources located in the cloud, they likely enjoyed a seamless transition to the work-at-home and remote requirements that quickly set in. Those with rigid, on-premises equipment likely lost ground against competitors and lost productivity while attempting to make the shift to off-site work.

Fueled by digital transformation and COVID-19, UCaaS — the acronym for cloud-based unified communications tools — is now growing at a rate of 29 percent, year over year. Of those making the switch, more than two-thirds are looking for maximum efficiency — a single pane of glass through which to view all of their communications tools.

Savvy CIOs today view UCaaS as a key enabler of a more agile, connected employee and customer experience. They recognize that providing employees with a more aligned communications platform will empower them to deliver a superior experience for customers. As with any new technology, there are several misconceptions and questions to consider.

These 8 most-asked questions will shed some light on how transformative cloud communications can be for your business:

1. Is it cost-effective? Cloud is more agile and requires less infrastructure than its on-premises counterpart. You only pay for what you use, allowing most companies to reap the benefits of savings while gaining in highly desirable collaboration, mobility and customer engagement features for employees.

2. Is cloud right for my size business? Not all cloud solutions offer the robust capabilities and reliable platform to work as a successful communications model for companies. Partners like CTI can help you evaluate the appropriate cloud solution to address your present and future state, with a cloud solution that can grow with you, easily scaling up or down without compromising features.

3. How reliable is a cloud solution? Again, this depends on the solution you deploy, but cloud solutions are far more reliable than on-site hosted phone systems. Many cloud communications providers boast a guarantee of greater than 99.99% uptime.

4. Will I get global call capabilities? Most contemporary UCaaS providers have redundant data centers distributed across the globe, facilitating international local, toll-free and local number transfer services in multiple countries.

5. How accessible is it? If it is a complete cloud communications solution, the solution delivers the full breadth of UC and contact center capabilities with the flexibility to add capabilities and users as needed. This includes contact centers and calling platforms.

6. Can it do what my phone does now? Nobody wants you to give up capabilities. A complete cloud communications solution should deliver the full breadth of capabilities you depend on today including voice, video, messaging, meetings and customer engagement tools to improve productivity and revenues for your company.

7. Is a cloud solution secure and compliant with government regulations? Most UCaaS solutions today are backed with industry-leading security and compliance standards and have passed third-party audits for compliance with HIPAA, PCI-DSS, FISMA and other U.S. regulations.

8. How do you pay for cloud? Cloud solutions are often more accessible to businesses of any size because instead of a capital outlay, they can be paid for monthly as an operating expense. We can find you a flexible mix of service packages that combine cost-effective solutions with ease of use.

Not all cloud communications solutions are created equal. At CTI, our goal is to Help our Customers Succeed. We can help you to evaluate the available UCaaS options and select the one that is right for your business.