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Should Your Business Switch to a Cloud Contact Center?

With the growth of cloud computing — the industry’s expected to reach more than 411 billion dollars in 2020 — it’s clear that companies across the marketplace are switching to cloud contact centers. The question is, should you?

Benefits of Switching to a Cloud Contact Center

Switching from an on-premise or hosted system to a cloud contact center offers several advantages, including:

  • Lower costs:

    Cloud contact centers are a cost-effective choice. Businesses that incorporate a cloud-based contact center see a 27 percent reduction in their contact center expenses. Why? You avoid the cost of investing, supporting and powering equipment.

  • Flexibility:

    For small and medium-sized business, the fact that cloud contact centers are scalable is a significant benefit. With this advantage, you don’t have to worry about upgrading equipment as your company expands. Instead, you adjust your plan with your service provider.

  • Boost returns:

    Cloud contact centers deliver a return on investment (ROI) multiple ways. One, they improve first contact resolution (FCR) rates by eight to 22 percent, which can enhance your brand’s value. Two, they reduce customer abandonment by more than 1.5 percent, which can boost revenue. In most cases, the ROI of cloud contact centers range from nine to 27 percent.

  • Limit downtime:

    Unexpected power outages, as well as broken equipment, can all lead to downtime. On average, downtime can cost your company between 500 and more than 50,000 dollars. With a cloud contact center, you can count on offsite facilities and data mirroring to support your business during an outage.

  • Enhance security:

    For companies with smaller IT teams, the protection from your cloud contact center’s provider is a crucial advantage of switching. In most cases, the move to a cloud-based center also reduces your IT department’s workload, which lets them focus on more pressing tasks.

Types of Companies Switching to a Cloud Contact Center

If you’re curious about what companies are switching to a cloud contact center, the answer is small and medium-sized businesses. The reason? They often have fewer resources, as well as staff to manage an on-premise or hosted system. With a cloud contact center, a service provider handles maintenance and updates, plus eliminates the cost of equipment.

Switch to a Cloud Contact Center With Consolidated Technologies, Inc.

At Consolidated Technologies, Inc., our history of serving medium and small businesses throughout the New York Metropolitan area goes back more than 20 years. Over that time, we’ve provided a variety of comprehensive solutions, including a cloud contact center.

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