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Managed IT Services: The Cure for Business Pain

If you’ve ever had a hard drive fail or your network go down, you understand the feeling of helplessness that can ensue. Today, no business can ensure its mission without a way to recover computer-driven problems, whether it’s one machine or an entire infrastructure in the cloud.

With so much at risk, it’s alarming how many companies do little or nothing to ensure their network is protected from interruption (one stat found that more than 90 percent of small and mid-sized businesses are unprepared in this manner).

For many small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs), it’s just not practical to have a full-time resource to manage these technologies. This is why so many SMBs have transitioned to managed IT services, as they solve many of the tech issues these companies face in their day-to-day operations.

While there are several pain points for SMBs, the following five are some of the most common.

Common SMB Pain Points and How Managed IT Services Can Help

  1. Small IT Department
    As a smaller company, you have to keep your IT team to a minimum. The challenge, however, is that your team can become overwhelmed with requests from co-workers and customers. That increase can lead to delayed responses, which impact customer satisfaction and employee productivity. A compact IT department also limits your company’s reaction time in emergencies, such as a network failure or data breach, which can affect your SMB in multiple ways, from its profit to its brand. How do you cure this SMB pain point? Ask for assistance. Outsourced support, such as through our IT helpdesk and desktop support, lessens your team’s workload. Instead of handling dozens of support tickets a day, your IT department can focus on more critical tasks, such as updating your network, managing your servers and countering outside attacks.
  2. Data Loss
    A growing technology pain point for SMB is data loss. In fact, downtime from data losses cost businesses today $4,500 per minute, which is unsustainable. That’s why it’s vital for your IT team to develop and maintain a business continuity plan — the problem is, many companies are without one.
    If you’re without a business continuity plan, consider partnering with a managed IT provider, like Consolidated Technologies, Inc. Our business continuity services not only comply with federal laws and government regulations, but they also ensure data backups occur every 15 minutes. That way, when an accident or disaster strikes, your company can resume operations without delay.
  3. IT Department Turnover
    Due to the demand for IT professionals, many SMBs experience high turnover. Because of this SMB technology pain point, you face higher onboarding expenses because of frequent hiring. During hiring periods, IT departments at SMBs also experience a higher workload, which can lead to service bottlenecks and exacerbate turnover problems even more.For many small-to-midsized businesses, managed IT is the cure to this SMB pain point. By outsourcing your IT services, you can focus your resources on accomplishing your company’s primary goals, such as expanding your market, opening a new facility or boosting customer service. With our managed IT services, we’ll help you maximize your budget and spending — without sacrificing the quality of your IT services.
  4. BYOD Trend
    Today, more employees are working from home and using their personal devices. The bring-your-own-device (BYOD) movement – which has gained steam in the wake of COVID-19 — is here to stay. The risk, however, is that staff members are accessing sensitive company data with unsecured smartphones, which can leave your business vulnerable to a data breach. For many IT departments, monitoring and managing mobile devices is a full-time responsibility in a specialized area. It’s another reason why SMBs are entrusting third parties with the management of their mobile devices. Our mobile device management service, for example, provides you with the option of letting our team, or yours, handle the day-to-day monitoring and management of your devices with an easy-to-use cloud platform that makes it hassle-free for your IT team.
  5. Accessibility
    With more employees working from their homes, as well as on-the-go, it’s a priority that your files are available whenever and wherever you need them. Developing, implementing and launching a cloud computing solution, however, demands a significant investment of your IT department’s time and resources, which can lead to burnout and turnover, as well as an ineffective and vulnerable solution.The go-to cure for this SMB pain point is employing a cloud computing solution from a trusted third party. Our intuitive cloud computing solutions at Consolidated Technologies, Inc., for instance, adapt to your needs to provide your company with reduced maintenance and hardware costs, as well as to streamline your reporting and management tools. Plus, your team receives 24-hour support, 365 days a year.

Resolve Your SMB Technology Pain Points With Consolidated Technologies, Inc.

At Consolidated Technologies, Inc., our award-winning company has remedied the technology pain points of SMBs for more than 20 years. With our managed IT services, custom solutions and proactive approach to IT maintenance, you can trust our team to maximize your company’s efficiency, reduce your IT costs and boost your internal operations.

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