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SD-WAN as a Service

Software-defined networking wide area networks (SD-WAN) is an appealing substitute for WAN routing such as MPLS, supporting a range of communication and transport technologies while sharing traffic loads across multiple WAN connections, resulting in higher capability and efficiency. Today, this technology can be delivered as a service to customers.

What Is SD-WAN as a Service?

SD-WAN is a software-defined wide-area network, which is a solution that applies software-defined networking technology to WAN connections. These WAN connections are used by enterprise networks to communicate between an enterprise’s branches over long distances, but historically these connections have often proven to be expensive and inefficient.

Software-defined versions of this technology move more network control to the cloud, combining connections and orchestrating software to provide more consistent and efficient data transport. SD-WAN as a service takes this technology to the next level by having a third-party provide SD-WAN service to the enterprise that uses it, setting it up and managing it for a fee.

SD-WAN from Service Providers

An increasing number of service providers are beginning to offer SD-WAN as a Service, recognizing the opportunities it poses for themselves and their customers. Verizon, AT&T, Windstream and Singtel are just a few of the service providers who have begun to offer SD-WAN as a comprehensive service, merging voice, data and video applications into a complete solution while helping businesses optimize bandwidth by prioritizing traffic.

SD-WAN as a Service Benefits for Businesses

SD-WAN as a Service, also known as managed SD-WAN, is extremely attractive to a wide variety of businesses, primarily because of the benefits boasted by SD-WAN service providers. Some of these advantages include:

  • Easy Installation and Maintenance: Instead of managing and maintaining their WAN themselves, end users pay the SD-WAN service provider a fee to install and deliver their WAN connectivity. This also often comes with continuous maintenance, pre-installed applications and monitoring services, all of which can reduce IT costs for the customer.
  • Cost Reduction: One of the primary benefits of SD-WAN as a service is cost-effectiveness. By replacing or supplementing private WAN networks, SD-WAN helps enterprises reduce their WAN costs by 90 percent or more, and the same benefits apply to SD-WAN as a service.
  • Improved Productivity: SD-WAN poses a considerable benefit to enterprises that rely on internet connectivity, optimizing their bandwidth by prioritizing traffic and offering transport flexibility. Managed SD-WAN enhances this benefit with SD-WAN systems that are continuously monitored by the provider, allowing businesses to benefit from automatic provisioning, as well as real-time adjustment by the provider.
  • Security: While traditional WAN solutions handle security through multiple appliances, SD-WAN brings the same protection to all enterprise locations. SD-WAN as a service multiplies this benefit by offering integrated security solutions that are managed by the service provider, allowing for greater flexibility and more efficient protection.

Learn More About SD-WAN as a Service From Consolidated Technologies, Inc.

If you’re interested in gaining improved connectivity and data transport among your business’ locations without adding to your IT costs, SD-WAN as a service may be an ideal solution for you. Consolidated Technologies, Inc. can help you determine the best solution for your business with our years of experience helping companies like yours develop comprehensive IT plans. Contact us today to learn more!