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Internet of Things Trends in 2018

Every year, the tech industry pushes forward — and 2018 is no different. This year, the Internet of Things (IoT) plans to reshape, not only the business world, but also the lives of consumers everywhere. Analysts are already compiling a slew of potential IoT trends for 2018 with IoT devices we use as consumers making their way into your business.

Which can you expect this year? Here are four trends to look out for.

2018 Internet of Things (IoT) Trends

  1. The Growth of Data Infrastructure
    For many companies, especially those in manufacturing and healthcare, the real-time analytics of the IoT is a competitive advantage. That’s why many are dedicating funds to upgrading their facilities with IoT sensors and software. This anticipated investment by many businesses is why analysts are predicting the building of a new data infrastructure.The new infrastructure would provide companies with an outlet for processing, filtering and reviewing the massive amount of data they’ll be gathering from facilities. It’s predicted, however, that the tech industry will need to do more than establish a new data infrastructure — it will also need to develop machine learning and deep learning further to expedite the process of reviewing IoT data.
  2. Transition From Machine Learning to Artificial Intelligence
    Even though many analysts predict machine learning’s advancement as an IoT trend for 2018, they’re also anticipating that artificial intelligence (AI) will push to new heights this year. Many leaders in the tech industry agree, with companies like Google and IBM investing in AI endeavors — even businesses outside of the technology industry, like Spotify and Uber, are diving into AI.With its expected growth, many experts believe that early adopters of AI will benefit the most. One of the reasons is because of big data’s boom, which is expanding the boundaries of our abilities. While machine learning provides us with insights into gathered information, it still requires a person to review and act upon it, which can become time-consuming due to the amount of information IoT provides. With AI, the data is assessed and acted upon without human assistance, which expedites processes.
  3. Need for Heightened Security
    Enhanced security is a universal Internet of Things trend for 2018. As more companies adopt IoT, the technology becomes more vulnerable as its attack surface expands and encompasses high-security areas, such as transportation routes, city infrastructures and power plant facilities. In response, businesses are re-evaluating their security approach, while authorities are implementing regulations.
  4. The Development of Smart Cities
    Companies are not the only entity interested in IoT — governments are, too. In fact, many are considering the potential benefit of IoT on infrastructure, as sensors could monitor the status of bridges and roadways, which could prevent many from falling into disrepair. Other potential advantages of this 2018 Internet of Things trend relates to energy and traffic. With IoT, cities could improve response times from emergency responders and implement smart grids to provide residents with reliable, low-cost power.

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