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How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck With Microsoft Teams

With remote work becoming more common for small businesses and corporations alike, technology leaders like Microsoft have created software to make working away from the office easier. They have brought together teams from across the globe and have helped people collaborate in real-time. These applications enable staff members to coordinate and work remotely with ease. Many companies are now switching to Microsoft Teams to increase their productivity and efficiency.

Microsoft Teams allows team members to work together with features like chatting, file sharing, and video conferencing. Groups that are sitting miles away from each other can now work together, improving collaboration and teamwork. Companies of all sizes and industries are using Microsoft Teams to enhance their team members’ efficiency. Anyone with a stable internet connection and a desktop or mobile device can access this cloud-based platform, making Microsoft Teams a well-recognized platform for real-time collaboration.

5 Ways Microsoft Teams Can Benefit Your Organization

The need for collaboration platforms has risen as more employees are working remotely or flexibly and are seeking ways to make their routine tasks a little easier. Microsoft has launched an app that lets you do everything in one place. Organizations are recognizing the benefits of Microsoft Teams for better organization of the virtual workspace.

Here are some of the key benefits of Microsoft Teams:

1. Prepare for Your Meetings

Getting everyone on the same page and ready for a meeting takes coordination. The host has to send multiple emails before a meeting, and the participants have to go through the agenda and review numerous reports. Something is bound to get missed in all that chaos from time to time, but using Teams can make things easier for everyone involved.

After creating the meeting, you can initiate a chat with the participants and discuss the agenda. You can also share files you want them to review, keep track of all the notes and lists, and even check up on the participants. In case any participant has missed the meeting, they can find the recording and all the files in the same place. This functionality makes rewatching the meeting and reviewing the files easier for everyone involved.

2. Use Chat for Quick Questions

Let’s say a question sprouted in your mind while working. You’re looking for a quick answer, but you don’t want to go through the fuss of sending an email and waiting for a response. Thanks to Microsoft Teams, you don’t have to. With Teams, you can use chat for all these quick questions. It recreates the office experience of tapping your coworker on the shoulder and asking them about your problem.

This feature is handy when working remotely. It reduces the time you usually spend scanning your inbox looking for one reply. It also saves you from the trouble of composing the email by adding participants, creating a subject line, and attaching the file. Teams’ chat feature comes with many benefits. You can name conversations, create group chats, and even search for files sent by a contact. It’s more professional than using other platforms for chat, while still allowing you communicate in a friendly manner.

3. Say Goodbye to Those Numerous Email Threads

Microsoft Teams brings people together. You can split your whole office into departments and enable them to collaborate by using a remote-first work environment. These groups are made up of channels, and each channel is built around a sub-topic. These channels can be divided by departments. An IT team can have channels like “website,” and the HR team can have channels like “management.” The “general” channels can be used for company announcements and updates.

These channels create a segment for every team and ease the communication process. This feature enables team members to conduct meetings, participate in video conferencing, share files, and work on projects easily. No more digging into your inbox for every detail and looking at threads trying to figure out who said what. Simply use your channel and collaborate with your team members in real time.

4. Enjoy Improved Collaboration

Switching between different apps is a common occurrence of the working process. Thanks to Microsoft Teams and its integration with Office 365, you won’t have to constantly switch between multiple applications when working on a project.

Microsoft Teams’ collaboration features allow you to use applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other programs in Teams seamlessly. Create a document directly from the application and share it with your colleagues. Microsoft Teams also allows you to edit the document in real time, so you can say goodbye to having different versions of the same project. Simply add comments, to-do lists, and even chat with your team members about the document.

Teams stores all of your files in the chat, team, or channel so you can easily find the file from there. Pin your important files on the top and access them easily. Microsoft Teams also lets users share their screens with each other for better collaboration. So you can brainstorm ideas with your team by using the whiteboard, and you will know exactly what your coworkers are thinking. Sharing, editing, and collaborating are made easy with Microsoft Teams.

5. Use Your Activity Feed as Your Personal Assistant

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a quick glance at what your team is working on as soon as you open your laptop? With Microsoft Teams, you can do just that. The activity feed gives you an overview of recent activity and what’s on your to-do list for the day. It will display all your urgent meetings, messages, and the conversation of your coworkers in one place. You’ll be all caught up, ready to prioritize your assignments or projects for the day.

How Microsoft Teams Can Enhance the Classroom

Microsoft Teams is free for educational institutions like schools and universities, making it an obvious choice for many teachers and students. Accessible on platforms like mobile, tablets, and PCs, this tool is used as an online classroom and has become a go-to application for remote teaching. Microsoft Teams allows the student to maintain the same face-to-face connection remotely and comes with these other benefits:

  • Serves various functions: This tool is used to conduct classes, distribute assignments, and give students a safe space to collaborate on projects.
  • Gives teachers control: Microsoft Teams gives power to the teachers over the digital environment. They can decide which educational conversations a class will cover. They also have complete control over the webpages, videos, and other visual mediums students have access to.
  • Comes with handy features: Office 365 has an immersive reader feature that is used by more than 23 million users around the globe. It includes built-in accessibility for students with dyslexia. Students who are shy of speaking in front of large crowds are also given support by the immersive reader’s built-in accessibility features.
  • Helps with grading assignments: Teams has integrations like Turnitin, which will auto-check the student’s assignments for plagiarism. Microsoft Teams can also auto-grade the assignments, and teachers can create a customized process to grade the assignments. Teams has Grade Sync that submits all the grades into the student information system (SIS) and helps the teachers save time and effort, as well.
  • Encourages collaboration among students: Microsoft Teams allows students to engage in collaborative assignments and group projects. Students can have stimulating conversations with their fellow classmates with this platform, and they are learning to navigate the Microsoft Teams platform that is used in countless organizations. They get hands-on experience with the tool, which prepares them for the job market.

Leveraging Teams for Health Care Collaboration

The health care system is evolving quickly. Patient portals are updated regularly, but they still have a long way to go. Even today, physicians lack a professional platform for communication and rely on commercial messaging platforms. These platforms, no matter how efficient, lack the security that is expected by the patients.

To overcome this problem, Microsoft has come up with a tool that is laden with features and focuses on patients’ privacy. Using Microsoft Teams optimizes their security and enables the health care provider to deliver better care and experience to their patients.

Use Reliable Messaging Features

Teams has a priority notification feature that reminds the recipients there is an urgent message on the device until it gets a response. This feature reminds the recipient of the unopened message every two minutes and keeps reminding for up to 20 minutes. Hectic health care workplaces can benefit from these message reminders to ensure no one goes unanswered.

Teams also lets the users delegate with the message delegation feature. This functionality lets users who will be stepping away tag another team member for individuals to contact. If someone tries to reach out to whoever has stepped away, their message goes to the delegated individual.

Rely on Automation With AI-Powered Tools

The AI-powered tools by Microsoft empower the health care system. These tools offer virtual health assistants and chatbots with features like medical content terminology and a symptom checker. This functionality enables the patients to check their symptoms online and connect to the care provider if needed.

Enjoy Better Integration of Health Records

Microsoft has partnered with leading interoperability providers, which has enhanced Teams’ features for health care providers. The hospital or clinic staff can access the records of any patients from an app. This app can also be used to take notes and stay in touch with other staff members. The hospital staff can conduct video meetings and coordinate with others via the app as well.

Improve Collaboration Around the World

Collaboration among health care providers and doctors has become much more vital. With Teams, doctors around the world can collaborate through one platform regardless of their physical location. Video conferencing and meetings have become easier between different departments and hospitals, making it possible for doctors to collaborate together even while separated by geographical distance.

Teams acts as the perfect health care collaboration tool and ensures seamless virtual meetings between health care professionals. In April 2020 alone, there were more than 34 million Teams meetings in the health care industry.

How Teams Is Benefiting Financial Institutions

Collaboration is a key part of any financial organization, from setting a budget to conducting financial analysis. Everything is done by a different department, and having a smooth flow of conversation is a must to ensure the system works properly. Tools like Microsoft Teams can assist financial institutions to maintain a steady flow of communication and collaboration among different departments. The many features of Teams can be proven beneficial for financial institutions around the world.

Microsoft Teams enables banks to process loan applications with ease. Teams also creates seamless coordination between the loan officer, the underwriting department, the processing team, and the client to ensure applications are processed on time.

The information and data stored and managed by financial institutions is extremely sensitive and confidential, which is why Microsoft Teams offers both private and shared channels. The departments can have secure conversations with specific team members using private channels. You can invite guest users to private channels and easily add members from different departments in the private channel.

With Teams, you can even restrict remote access permissions to apps. You can encrypt data-in-motion and data-at-rest and wipe data from mobile and other devices of team members. You can also restrict data sharing and copying and even segment the protected data by adding it in a restricted space to ensure better security. The network security also protects the application from any kinds of attacks.

Teams lets you integrate your virtual apps and desktops from day one and provides fast and secure access to the parent company. You can ensure everyone has the same digital workspace experience and has no problem reviewing or accessing the shared workspace, facilitating collaboration and improving productivity.

Learn More About Our Unified Communication Platforms and Cloud Services

Now that much of the world is working remotely, we all need tools and applications to make it easier, and Teams offers just that. Segmenting the whole office in small teams allows staff members to stay in touch with their department and coordinate better. Channels and quick chats give you an option to reach out and get answers quickly without cluttering your inbox.

Teams enhances the efficiency and productivity of employees and allows them to work in a virtual shared space. It gives your employees access to the tools they need by integrating with other applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other programs. These features and more have made Teams an appealing way for organizations to collaborate.

Interested in other methods of collaboration for your workplace? Upgrade to the newest method of collaboration and remove the hurdles in communication. Contact us at Consolidated Technologies, Inc. to learn more!