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How Digital Transformation Affects Healthcare

Like many industries, healthcare faces a digital transformation that will change health services as we know them. In fact, many companies already consider themselves a part of this digitization, giving them a prime position in the industry. This guide will detail current trends in healthcare technology and how your company can take advantage of them.

Trends in Healthcare Digitization

Popular and innovative technologies in healthcare include:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI): While nothing can replace the expertise of a doctor, AI makes their jobs easier to handle. An AI can handle basic, yet critical, aspects of care like symptom monitoring and answering simple questions. AI technology also has the capacity to process the large volume of medical research available to physicians.
  • Internet of Things (IoT): You may have heard of fitness trackers. They monitor the steps you take, your heartbeat and other aspects of exercise. These devices make up only a small part of the Internet of Things, or everyday items powered by the Internet. Just as a fitness tracker records your heartbeat, medical IoT gadgets keep track of vital signs like blood levels and temperature.
  • Cloud data storage and access: When you keep data in cloud storage, it becomes accessible in any location due to its Internet-based location. Medical professionals can access information anywhere when they have patient records in the cloud. Some hospitals and practices also let patients access their data in the cloud instead of making a phone call.
  • Telemedicine: Physical distance disrupts access to care much more than you may think. Rural and urban areas alike have patients who can’t make it to the doctor’s office. Some patients want to receive aging care at home, while others can’t find an adequate mental health provider near their home. All of these patients will benefit from telemedicine services, where a doctor uses video conferencing and monitoring devices to provide care.

Leveraging Digital Transformation in the Healthcare Industry

Keeping up with technological developments enhances the quality of care that a patient receives. Plus, it makes it easier for medical professionals to provide that care. When you leverage the digitization of the healthcare industry, you benefit from:

  • Increased security: Health providers must keep patient data secure to follow HIPAA and preserve their patients’ privacy. Modern technology includes cybersecurity software that defends information from hackers and other intruders. Some healthcare technologies also have built-in security measures like encryption.
  • Centralized operations: Technology like unified communications and cloud storage put your information all on the same network, making it faster and easier to access. Your operations become more streamlined, and your work becomes more efficient.
  • Satisfied patients: Cutting-edge healthcare technology gives patients more accessible care, shorter waits and more say over their treatment. Meanwhile, your company gets to enjoy happier patients and a competitive edge in the industry.

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