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Workforce Management in Contact Centers

Like many industries today, technology has innovated the way contact centers are run. Both small and large businesses have the option to manage their contact centers in-house or remotely anywhere around the world. With over 43 percent of employees opting to work from home at least part of the time, it may seem impossible for contact center managers to keep track of employee productivity and customer satisfaction.

But with evolving technology has come innovative solutions for managing your contact center’s workforce. Thousands of call centers use workforce management to quantify necessary staffing levels, monitor the satisfaction of customers, evaluate employee productivity and correct performance issues, easing the burden placed on call centers worldwide. Workforce management allows you to understand the unique needs of your company and determine the best courses of action on business decisions.

What Is Workforce Management in Contact Centers?

Quite simply, workforce management (WFM) is a set of processes that optimize workplace efficiency on both an institutional and employee level. Industries around the world utilize WFM as a way to maximize the productivity of employees. Call centers can integrate WFM solutions to cut costs and schedule the right employees at the right times to maximize sales and overall company efficiency.

WFM consists of several target categories that work to make a company run smoothly. These may include:

  • Forecasting: The best solutions integrate historical data to view past demand and analyze the speed and success of transactions to create an accurate demand forecast for future workloads.
  • Scheduling: Managers can use WFM solutions to schedule shifts and hours around projected call forecasts and assign the most skilled agents as needed. You can also easily handle individual employees’ scheduling needs and vacation planning.
  • Payroll administration: WFM allows you to simplify the payroll process by having all agents’ information in one central location. You can also easily track raises, bonuses and other benefits.
  • Performance monitoring: On an individual level, you can use WFM to monitor employees — even those working from home — to ensure that time and money aren’t being wasted. You can also use this tracking to identify unique employee skill sets that you can utilize when scheduling specific functions.

Benefits of Contact Center Workforce Management

WFM solutions are critical to running an efficient contact center. Each category of WFM targets a key area for call centers to optimize sales and labor hours, allowing you higher efficiency and monetary savings within your operation.

As you optimize your workforce, you’ll see a host of benefits which include:

  1. Overcome Staffing Obstacles
    One of the biggest obstacles facing contact centers today is staffing level management. If you schedule too many agents for a shift, they’ll have little to do and will be unproductive, wasting company time. But if you schedule too few employees, the effects are similarly severe — you could lose sales and subsequent revenue and significantly lower your employees’ morale.With WFM, you can track staffing needs and determine when agents should be scheduled based on historical data, providing higher accuracy and reducing downtime or understaffing.
  2. Maximize Revenue
    Lost productivity can cause companies to lose a significant percentage of revenue — over $544 billion a year, in fact. Overstaffing leads to abuse of company time and represents one of the biggest misuses of labor hours, while other labor hours are lost by trying to keep track of manual time tracking or by manually calculating sales forecasts.When you overcome staffing problems and reduce manual processes using WFM, you could see a dramatic increase in revenue and savings on operational costs.
  3. Master Shortcomings and Enhance Agent Performance
    Perhaps your agents aren’t following proper protocols for breaks and lunches, or they spend too much time on each call. No matter the issue, many call centers suffer from an inability to track their shortcomings and come up with a practical solution.With both historical insight and real-time analytics, WFM solutions make it easy for you to identify exact shortcomings within your contact center. And when you pinpoint these shortcomings, you can more easily create a solution to fix these problems and improve the performance of your agents.
  4. Improve Customer Experience
    Of course, the ultimate goal of any contact center is to give your callers the best possible customer experience. But when overwhelmed staff don’t have the time to handle calls properly or when resources are misallocated, callers can’t receive the necessary quality of customer care to make them feel comfortable and welcome.As you evaluate employee performance and overcome company shortcomings with WFM, you’ll be able to focus on improving the customer experience and enhancing overall satisfaction.

What Are Workforce Management Solutions?

To implement WFM in your contact center, you’ll need dedicated WFM software that is built to handle your forecasting, staffing and staff monitoring needs. A WFM solution is a computer program designed to help you manage all of these needs within a single application.

One of the leading automated WFM programs is NICE WFM, a solution developed by our partner NICE inContact. NICE WFM is the most accurate and reliable solution on the market today, with a variety of algorithms dedicated to meeting unique business needs. As a cloud-based software solution, NICE WFM allows you to view analytics anywhere in the world on your computer or mobile device and choose from various cloud models to scale or expand your solution immediately.

Contact Consolidated Technologies, Inc. for Workforce Management Solutions

At Consolidated Technologies, Inc., we’ve partnered with NICE inContact to provide thousands of contact centers and other businesses with their ideal WFM solution. Our IT expertise, combined with the industry-leading technology of NICE WFM, ensures that you’ll receive the most accurate and dependable solution for your workplace.

With over 20 years of dedicated communications technology experience and a team of over 70 industry experts, over 2,000 companies have trusted Consolidated Technologies, Inc. for industry-leading expertise and tailored business solutions. Read more about the NICE inContact call center solutions we offer, or contact us online for additional information and a free consultation and demo.


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