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Considerations for Relocating Your Business’s IT Infrastructure

Whether you’re a large, medium or small company, relocating your IT infrastructure is an undertaking. It involves intensive planning and coordination with your IT team and your internet provider. Plus, you’re moving more than your IT equipment — you’re also relocating your staff, which can lead to hiccups in your day-to-day operations if anyone experiences delays.

That’s why it’s essential to consider these 10 factors before relocating your business’s IT infrastructure.

  1. Your Point-Of-Contact
    While teamwork is a must during moves, it’s best to designate one person as your company’s point-of-contact for your relocation. This approach streamlines the moving process since everyone involved with the relocation can coordinate with a single individual, rather than relaying the same information to multiple parties.
  2. Your New Facility
    One of the biggest things to consider before moving office locations are the features of your new place. If you’re relocating your company, talk to your IT provider. They can give you a list of features the new building would need, such as the number of phone lines and power outlets, as well as server room requirements. If possible, visit potential facilities with your IT team, providing them the opportunity to inspect and evaluate each one.
  3. Your Equipment Installation
    A crucial step in relocating your business’s IT infrastructure is the pre-planning. Whether you’re still exploring real estate properties or are days away from signing a lease, plan to meet with your IT department so you can discuss where you’ll install your company’s hardware. This step saves a substantial amount of time during the move phase, as you can label boxes and equipment according to their designated room and set them up without delay.
  4. Your Internet Connection
    As your browse real estate and narrow your choices, coordinate with your internet provider. Their schedule often influences your timeline for relocating your IT infrastructure, which is why it’s best to plan your internet installation at least three months in advance. If your provider is unavailable, you may have to delay your move or meet with another company.
  5. Your Renovations
    Another thing to consider before moving office locations are renovations. Whether you’re creating a server room, meeting spaces or restroom facilities, it’s critical that you plan these updates and review them with your IT team. If you’re constructing a new conference center, for example, they may suggest ideal spaces for outlets and other tools.
  6. Your Hardware
    Before packing up your equipment and relocating your business’s IT infrastructure, ask your IT department to compile an overview of your hardware so you can decide whether to update anything. Request that they include recommendations for each device, as well, such as replacing or virtualizing it. Depending on your company’s resources, you can choose which suggestions are viable.
  7. Your Equipment Handler
    Because of your equipment’s value, it’s essential to consider who will be handling, packaging and installing your company’s hardware. If your IT provider is disconnecting and packaging your equipment, discuss the appropriate time and date for taking your devices offline.
  8. Your Business Continuity Plan
    A factor you must consider when relocating your IT infrastructure is your business continuity plan. If your company’s strategy is outdated, update it and implement the changes before disconnecting your hardware. That way, you’re prepared if any accidents should happen during your move, such as equipment becoming damaged or data corrupted.
  9. Your Budget
    With any relocation, you must consider your financial limits. That’s why it’s essential to think about several must-have features before signing a lease, including your IT team’s needs. Compile the potential costs of these components beforehand and incorporate them into your relocation budget to ensure your company doesn’t exceed its resources.
  10. Your Ideal Timeframe
    The final thing to consider before moving office locations is your ideal timeframe. For many businesses, the best scenario is a flexible one, where you can browse sites and plan your move without pressure. In most instances, however, this isn’t the ideal case. If you’re pressed for time, make sure to consider the above factors before diving into a purchase agreement.

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