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Network Assessments & Security Audits

With the looming threat of hacking, phishing, and other maladies that can befall your company’s digital infrastructure and its data, it’s important to stay at least one step ahead of bad actors. In fact, Cisco recently published a list of the newest and most complex threats to network security, and they read like an encyclopedia of the technologically macabre:
  • “Trojans” and “droppers” being used to deliver malware
  • Orchestrated, multi-staged, evasive attacks
  • Exploits that take advantage of the cryptomining trend
  • Pandemic-related content used to to propagate threats.
If you depend on a business network to manage your data, now is the time to ensure that you are practicing safe and efficient computer or networking habits. Don’t leave the security or productivity of your business’ network up to chance. Periodical network security audits are critical to finding and diagnosing internal and external security threats and helping you make the most of your system.
CTI is experienced at helping our customer succeed – this is especially true in the battle being waged against external security threats. In this blog, we hope to educate you on the threats, and how we work to combat them through a combination of assessment, preparation, and implementation.

The Two Types of Assessments

As the name implies, there are two types of assessments in a network security audit: network and security. Network assessments determine the productivity of a company’s IT infrastructure, while security assessments evaluate a company’s cybersecurity measures and network assets to identify anything that could put the business at risk of a security breach.
So why should you say “yes” to them? With regular preventive measures to ensure your network’s productivity and security, you could avoid falling victim to security threats, ensure the safety of the precious data stored in your business network or save a significant percentage of company funds from programs that are being underutilized — to name a few of the many benefits of regular assessments.
By taking preventive steps to maximize the productivity of your infrastructure and avoid a data breach, you’ll be able to better protect your assets and your company’s hard-earned reputation.
Let’s take a deeper look at both network and security assessments and their benefits.


What Is a Network Assessment?

Have you ever had the feeling that your business’ network isn’t as productive as it could be? Do you think something is slowing down the network, but you’re just not sure what? A network assessment can help.

A network assessment reviews your company’s IT infrastructure to assess the productivity and organization of its performance, management and processes. Using this information, a specialist can create a detailed report to help you understand the efficiency of your system and allow you to make more informed business decisions and choose the best solutions for your company.

Throughout any given year, you may not realize just how many new programs or hardware you’ve added to your business. Performing a network assessment yearly or whenever you undergo a significant network change gives you greater insight into your system and shows you just how often your programs are being used. This helps you catch under- or over-utilized resources so you can reallocate them accordingly.

What Is a Security Assessment?

It’s more critical than ever to protect your network security. A security audit can help you find the potential for security breaches within your network before they become a problem.

A security assessment evaluates your business’ network for both internal and external security threats by assessing several parts of your system, including physical setup, computer hardware and installed software, apps and other programs. Once any potential for risk is uncovered, you’ll receive IT security reports that will help you locate the sources of the problems and patch up any unsecured parts of your network.

In other words, you’ll have what you need to make the safest decisions possible to secure your data.

Benefits of Network Security Assessments

When it comes to business network audits, the saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” rings true. If you’re debating about whether a network audit would benefit your small or medium-sized company, say yes! But if you still need convincing, we’ve lined up five reasons why network audits are beneficial for all businesses:

  1. They May Find Network Inefficiencies and Errors

    Network audits focus on more than security issues. They also look for efficiency errors, such as bottlenecks. When network problems like these sneak up on you, they can often bring your business to a standstill — and when they’re solved, they can result in an influx of backlogged emails. That’s why doing a network audit in advance is a smart course of action.

  2. They Can Discover Hardware Issues

    Hardware, such as servers and workstations, can last for years. They can fail, however, in an instant. That can put your operations on hold, which can lead to delays in fulfilling orders, signing new clients and other vital tasks. With a business network audit, hardware inspections reveal issues before they become problems.

  3. They Could Uncover Security Vulnerabilities

    Security is essential in today’s world of shared information, storage and data. For most companies, it’s the first thought that comes to mind at the mention of network audits. During these inspections, any found vulnerabilities are noted. Catching these risks offers substantial returns by preventing the loss of sensitive data, as well as the potential fallout from the theft of such information.

  4. They Offer Recommendations and Solutions

    Audits for your company’s network often include a list of recommendations, which detail any uncovered issues, such as network errors, old hardware or security vulnerabilities. In most cases, your audit provider can deliver the necessary patches, as well as replacement equipment to return your network to optimal performance and protection.

  5. They Can Help Reduce IT’s Workload

    The workload of IT teams, especially for smaller and mid-sized businesses, can be substantial. For IT staff, it’s a challenge to audit your network on a set schedule. Hiring a third-party to conduct a network audit ensures your network is checked throughout the year, as well as investigated by a team that’s familiar with network issues and remedies

Whether you’re a large or small business, network audits are a smart choice for protecting your company.

What Can These Network and Security Assessments Uncover?

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Both network and security assessments work together in a network security audit to ensure the productivity and safety of your network. This audit will help uncover plenty of problem areas, including:

  • Underused or overused resources: Many companies have resources within their system that they continue to pay for but hardly ever use. These programs waste space and can consume a notable portion of company funds. When you locate the exact resources that your company underuses — as well as the ones that your business may rely on too heavily — you can reallocate accordingly.
  • Congested bandwidth: Have you noticed your network significantly lagging in the past few months, especially when streaming videos or opening large programs? Not only is congested bandwidth annoying, but it can also decrease company productivity and subsequent revenue. Network assessments will alert you to bottlenecks and find the best way to remedy the situation.
  • Poor network configuration: Sometimes a network slowdown can be caused by poor network configuration. An audit can uncover inefficient setups and help you determine how to run your network more smoothly. If you plan to expand your network or grow your business shortly, an assessment can also help you plan and ensure that your system is prepared to handle your future growth.
  • Security holes: Too many companies today are running their networks using outdated security software — a severe problem in the world of data breaches. Security assessments can locate obsolete security measures as well as other glaring security vulnerabilities that could threaten the safety of your data and weaken your system’s operation. With attackers uncovering new ways every day to threaten network security, you may be surprised to find new security holes even if nothing has changed within your system since your last audit.
  • Already-compromised security: Unfortunately, security can be compromised even in the most diligent companies, and you may not have even realized that your network has already been breached. A security audit will locate viruses, malware or data breaches and help you decide on the best course of action for your business in the event of an active threat.
  • Lack of regulation or policy compliance: Today, many businesses are bound by government regulations that define what security measures need to be taken to protect data. An audit can help you determine whether or not you comply with these regulations and, if not, what steps you’ll need to take. Even if you’re not bound by federal laws, you may have company policies concerning employee logins, passwords, emails and other sensitive areas. An audit can determine how well you and your employees are complying with these policies.

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