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Benefits of Switching to an SD-WAN

Internet connection is an essential part of business operation today, and that importance is growing with the rise of cloud-based applications. Poor-quality connections don’t only affect browsing anymore, but entire systems of operation, reducing profitability and revenue over time. This connectivity is even more problematic for organizations with multiple connections, who rely on WAN links to keep everything operating smoothly.

Unfortunately, these WAN connections often have bandwidth constraints, resulting in latency problems. However, there is a solution in SD-WAN technology.

What Is an SD-WAN?

SD-WAN is a software-defined wide-area network. This solution applies software-defined networking technology to the WAN connections used by enterprises to communicate between branches over long distances. While these WAN connections by themselves often prove to be inefficient and problematic, software-defined versions of this technology move a great deal of network control to the cloud, combining connections and orchestrating software to provide more consistent and efficient data transport.

Why Switch to SD-WAN?

Switching network technology is a big task to undertake, which is why many businesses ask the question “why SD-WAN?” The short answer is that it’s simply better than a WAN system, providing improved service and broader capabilities. For a more detailed explanation, here are the benefits of SD-WAN technology:

  • Transport Flexibility: SD-WAN offers businesses greater independence and flexibility in their data transport methods. This virtualized WAN allows a company to take advantage of any transport protocol, including 3G, 4G LTE, MPLS, Internet, Ethernet, Serial, Wi-Fi and more.
  • Greater Security: Unlike traditional WAN solutions that handle security on a branch-by-branch basis, SD-WAN can include universal security functions. At each level, SD-WAN can integrate cloud web content filtering, malware defenses and intervention protocols, resulting in more robust security while decreasing the cost to the user.
  • Intelligent Control: Possibly the most critical advantage of SD-WAN is its smart pathway control. This control system steers traffic based on the application being used and can be set by a centralized controller to be implemented at all locations. Even better, each site can have its own traffic control protocol, with different protocols for specific IP addresses, application profiles, port numbers, quality-of-service markings or even time of day.
  • Automatic Provisioning: Deploying WAN systems is a hassle for businesses, and SD-WAN makes it so much easier. SD-WAN enables companies to send devices to each branch un-configured since each device can download its own policy, crypto certificate and keys. The system will even learn traffic patterns, making provisioning simple.

In short, SD-WAN is an excellent system for businesses looking to gain the greatest IT efficiencies possible, and with this technology gaining more traction, the benefits of SD-WAN will only grow.

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